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CEFCU @ Work

CEFCU partners with companies to provide the benefits and services of credit union membership. Both employers and employees can reap the benefits.

By partnering with CEFCU, you can provide credit union
membership as part of your employee benefit package — free.

CEFCU Partnership

A CEFCU partnership* allows your employees access to:

  • Low-cost financial products and services
  • Special savings opportunities for employees who attend on-site events
  • Free financial educational options
  • Employee Health Savings Accounts
  • Rate discount on consumer loans with payroll deduction
  • Personal financial service

Additionally, employers can reap the benefits of CEFCU membership with access to:

Business-to-Business Rewards

Choose from Silver, Gold, and Platinum levels in your CEFCU partnership. Each level provides you savings on products and services you use every day. With the Silver and Gold levels, you can save on account fees for a limited time. When you choose a Platinum partnership, save on account and maintenance fees for a limited time.

Contact us today to see which level fits your company best.

Account Representative

Your representative will provide:

  • On-site account opening assistance
  • Direct deposit assistance
  • Loan application facilitation
  • Free financial education seminars
  • Benefit fairs and on-site events attendance
  • Free communication materials
  • Advance special offers notification
  • Weblinks, banners, and content for company Intranet
  • Personalized newsletter articles
  • And much more!

Contact us today to partner with CEFCU for the benefit of you and your employees.

*Partner companies are independent companies that have entered into an agreement with CEFCU to have CEFCU provide credit union membership as an employee benefit.

CEFCU partners with companies that want the added benefit of Credit Union services for their employees. If you are employed at a partner company, you are eligible for CEFCU membership.

Membership Benefits

As a CEFCU member, you qualify for many benefits — including a rate discount on consumer loans with payroll deduction — because of your employer's relationship with CEFCU.

In addition to affordable loans, CEFCU offers benefits, including:

Enjoy special savings opportunities when you attend one of our onsite events and open an account or apply for a Home Loan. Find out more about the CEFCU difference, then check with your personnel representative or contact us to see if your employer is a partner company.

CEFCU provides resources for employers and employees. These range from loan applications to articles about planning for your future.

Forms & Applications

Access online business and consumer forms, brochures, and disclosures through the Forms & Applications page.

Articles & Resources

Use the following sources to help with financial decisions. Visit More Resources to access financial information for all ages.


Download and browse printed brochures to give you a better idea about the products and services CEFCU offers.

Seminars & Webinars

Attend seminars at your place of work or online. Employees can contact the personnel office to find out when we will be at your location or choose Online Events from the pull-down menu for a list of webinars.

Learning Center

Visit CEFCU's online Learning Center for access to financial planning tools, one-on-one financial counseling, security tips, calculators, and more.