Online Tax Filing

File online and get a discount on TurboTax® Federal products when you use the special TurboTax link. TurboTax:

  • Helps you get the best refund possible.
  • Double-checks your return for accuracy.
  • Files your return electronically or prints to plain paper.
  • Has helpful information to make filing less stressful.
  • Gives you valuable tax tips.

If you plan to have your refund electronically deposited in your CEFCU Checking account, provide the CEFCU routing number — 271183701. In addition, you will need to provide your account number, which can be found on your current statement.

Visit to find out if you qualify to have your taxes done free. The website, brought to you by the Credit Unions of Illinois and the Illinois Credit Union League, has tips on maximizing your refund, details on the Earned Income Credit, and more.

Illinois residents may qualify to file Illinois state taxes free at the Illinois Department of Revenue site. In order to file at the state site, you will need a Personal Identification Number. California residents may file free through the Franchise Tax Board.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is efiling?

Electronic filing is a faster, more efficient method of filing your tax returns. Instead of sending a return by mail, you submit it online.

How does efiling benefit me?

When you file online, there is less chance of making mistakes, it's a more expedient way to prepare returns, and you usually receive your refund quicker.

How accurate is efiling?

Electronically filed returns contain fewer errors than mailed returns. In addition, TurboTax guarantees accurate calculations.

How do I efile?

Using a link on, you may file through TurboTax. CEFCU members receive a discount through this special link.

How soon will I get my refund if I efile?

If you file electronically through and TurboTax, usually you can receive your refund faster than if you mail a paper return.

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How do I pay for using the efiling service?

If you file online, you may pay with a credit or debit card. If you are getting a federal refund, you may have the payment deducted from it, but there is an extra fee for this service.

How much does efiling cost?

CEFCU members receive a discount when they file through the special link on The price and discount vary depending on which form you choose to file. Be sure to use the special link on to receive the CEFCU members' discount. If you access TurboTax directly, you will not receive the discount.

Can my refund be deposited in my CEFCU account?

Yes, you may have your refund electronically deposited in your CEFCU Checking account. Be sure to provide the CEFCU routing number — 271183701 — and the correct account number on your tax return.

If I efile, how can I pay the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) if I owe money?

There are four options for paying money you owe the IRS.

  • Check or Money Order: Download, print, and complete IRS Form 1040-V. The form includes directions on how to make out your check or money order and where to mail it. Be sure to mail your check by the tax deadline.
  • Direct Debit: Have the IRS withdraw the money you owe from your CEFCU account. You can only choose to have your account debited if you efile. Be sure to provide the CEFCU routing number – 271183701 – and the correct account number.
  • Credit Card: Use a credit card to make your payment to the IRS. You can only use your credit card if you have efiled, and there is an extra fee.
  • IRS Installment Agreement: Visit the IRS website for information on setting up a payment plan. However, you may have to pay penalties, interest, and a fee to set up an installment agreement.
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Can I efile my state income tax return?

You may file your state return online through the special TurboTax link on Also, Illinois residents may qualify to file Illinois state taxes free at the Illinois Department of Revenue site. In order to file at the state site, you will need a Personal Identification Number. California residents may file free through the Franchise Tax Board.

How is CEFCU involved in the processing of my return?

CEFCU is not involved in processing your return. As a service to CEFCU members, we offer a special link to the TurboTax site so members receive a discount. CEFCU employees do not prepare taxes or offer tax advice.

TurboTax Help

Is my information kept confidential?

Intuit, the company that provides TurboTax, follows stringent security guidelines to protect the security and privacy of your data. Electronically filed tax returns are encrypted during transmission.

What if I have problems or questions when filing online?

Visit the TurboTax Help Center or see the FAQs.

Am I able to call TurboTax with my question or problem?

Submit questions on the TurboTax Support page.

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Does TurboTax prepare my return or just file it?


  1. Helps you get the best refund possible.
  2. Double-checks your return for accuracy.
  3. Files your return electronically or prints to plain paper.
  4. Has helpful information to make filing less stressful.

What if an error is found in my return when I file through TurboTax?

TurboTax double-checks your tax return as you go and before you file. If you pay an IRS or state penalty or interest because of a TurboTax calculation error, TurboTax will pay you the penalty and interest.

How will I know when my refund has posted?

After your returns are accepted, you should receive information about your refund and the approximate date you can expect it to arrive. Use CEFCU On-Line® or Mobile Banking to verify when your refund is deposited in your CEFCU account.

Where can I find more information about efiling?

The TurboTax site has information about efiling.

For general information about taxes and efiling, visit the IRS website.

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Are there resources I can use for help in filing my taxes?

There are a number of resources you can use for reference and help in filing taxes.

Tools & Resources


For more information on filing your taxes, visit BALANCE Financial Education.

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With tax season here, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) can help you prepare.

Forms & Publications


Find the tax forms and publications you need online. In addition, you can find forms and publications at IRS Taxpayer Assistance Centers, and some libraries and post offices offer forms during the tax season.

Filing Status

Filing Status

Determine what status to use when you file with the Exemptions, Standard Deduction, and Filing Information publication from the IRS.

Charitable Contributions


Help lower your tax bill with charitable contributions to qualified organizations. Make sure you keep good records and visit the IRS website for complete details on charitable contributions and tips on deductions.



Download tax forms and publications for people who use special assistive technology — including screen reading software, refreshable Braille displays, and voice recognition software.

Home Sale


Know the rules on what is taxable and what you can deduct if you have sold or are selling your house this year. Find complete information in the IRS publication Selling Your Home.

Just Married

Bride and Groom

Check out tips for people who marry in 2012. Along with the tips, calculators and important links are available in Seven Tax Tips for Recently Married Taxpayers.

Miscellaneous Expenses


Find out what qualifies as miscellaneous itemized deductions and how much you can deduct.

en Español


Access information, refund tracking, tools, online payment agreements, and free filing information at EL IRS en Español. Plus, visit the Spanish Multimedia page for links to podcasts, the IRS Video portal, and text files.

Small Business

Small Business

Visit the IRS Small Business and Self-Employed Tax Center for online tools, videos, information on events, and interactive lessons to help with filing and paying taxes.


IRS Videos

Find answers to your tax questions, tips on filing, and ways to protect yourself from identity theft with IRS videos.

Visit the IRS website for tax help or more information on assistance through Taxpayer Assistance Centers, community resources, and by phone.

Don't delay your refund with what the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) calls common tax return errors.

Social Security numbers: Enter Social Security numbers exactly as they appear on Social Security cards. Numbers need to be included for anyone listed on your tax return.

Filing status: Choose the correct filing status. If you have questions on your filing status, complete the Filing Status interview on the IRS website.

Dependent's last name: Make sure you enter a dependent's last name exactly as it appears on the Social Security card.

Math: Review any math on paper returns or file online with TurboTax, which does the math for you.

Account number: Double-check the routing and account numbers you use for direct deposit of your refund.

Signature: Be sure to sign and date your return. Both spouses must sign a joint return.

Adjusted gross income: Use your 2011 Personal Identification Number (PIN) to file electronically. If you did not efile in 2011, visit the IRS website find out how to choose a PIN.

For more about common tax return errors and how to avoid them, visit the IRS website.