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CEFCU Money Center 24 ATM Enhancements

CEFCU has launched a fleet of brand new Money Center 24® ATMs. Fast Track Tellers will be phased out as all machines will offer the same full suite of transaction options.

  • What are the major changes related to this upgrade?
    • Cards insert horizontally into the card reader, and are retained until the transaction is complete.
    • New color layer screens
    • Return Card feature
    • One cash and check deposit insert slot (deposited separately)
    • Bill denomination selection (denominations vary by location)
    • All machines feature same transaction set - including My Use, Holiday Saver, Loan, and Mortgage Payments
    • Ability to change your PIN number
    • Account balances display on all receipts
  • How do I insert my Card into the ATM?

    Cards must be inserted horizontally, with numbers facing up and closest to you, into the ATM card reader. If the Card is inserted incorrectly, the Card reader flashes red, and a demonstration of proper insertion is displayed on the screen.

  • What is the Return Card feature?

    Once completing a transaction, except for a withdrawal, you will be asked to select either Return Card or Another Transaction. If finished with your transaction(s), you must select Return Card to retrieve your card. If not retrieved within 30 seconds, the Card will be securely kept by the machine. 

  • Can I deposit cash and checks at the same time?

    No. Cash and checks utilize the same deposit insert slot, but must be deposited separately based on the deposit type selected on the screen (i.e. if cash is selected when depositing checks, the ATM will reject the checks and only accept cash. You must cancel out of the transaction and start again). After choosing the deposit type, the screen will provide a prompt when ready for insertion and the insert slot will start blinking and open at that time. 

  • How do I select specific bill denominations on a cash withdrawal?

    After inserting your Card and entering your PIN number, select Cash Withdrawal > select from which account (Savings, Checking, Other – My Use, Holiday Saver, etc.) > select your bill mix. Bill denominations vary by location. Fast Cash withdrawals do not allow you to select bill denominations or account. The currency will default to the lowest number of bills (i.e. 4 - $50’s for $200).

  • Why did I receive an error message when trying to make a Mortgage payment?

    When making a Mortgage payment, the amount must be equal to or higher than your minimum monthly payment. The option to make principal only payments is currently unavailable.

  • When will my new PIN number be valid after changing it on the ATM?

    Your new PIN number can be used immediately at all ATMS and Point of Sale locations.

  • Can I cash my check or deposit my check with cash back?

    No, you must deposit the check and withdraw the money in a 2-step process.