Membership Plan

Choose the right plan for you:

  • Loyalty Plan: Qualify for unlimited personal service with no monthly fee by meeting ONE or more of these conditions each month:
    • Make 5+ Debit card purchases
    • Set up direct deposit ($200+/month).
    • Pay one or more bills with CEFCU Bill Pay.
    • Maintain a minimum individual or household balance.2
  • E-Choice Plan: With the E-Choice Plan, you enjoy a free account just for handling routine transactions using services like ATMs, online banking, or mobile banking.1
  • Options Plan: Select the Options Plan if the Loyalty or E-Choice Plans aren’t right for you. Just pay a monthly fee of only $5 for full membership benefits and unlimited personal service.

Also, if you are under 25 years of age, your account is free — automatically! Contact CEFCU today for more information on the plan that fits the way you live.

1.   Routine transactions include check cashing, balance inquiries, deposits, cash withdrawals, and transferring funds between CEFCU accounts. Non-routine transactions involve those that might require personal assistance, such as applying for a loan, loan payments, purchasing Prepaid Cards, counting coins, discussing financial needs, or other transactions that cannot be completed through automated means.

2.   $5,000 individual or $10,000 household balance, including all CEFCU Loan, Home Loan, CEFCU Credit Card, and deposit account balances, plus the market value of investment accounts obtained through CEFCU or CEFCU Financial Services®, Inc. (CFS) (but excluding individual stocks and bonds) and the insurance accounts with CFS (premiums paid prorated monthly, but excluding premiums for Vehicle Service Agreements) as of the last day of the calendar month.