Remember a time when you held a door for an elderly person, or let someone in front of you at the check-out line, or helped someone pick up papers they had dropped?  Remember the feeling you got when they thanked you?  How you felt when they smiled at you and were so appreciative?  That is a feeling of accomplishment and happiness.  We as employees of CEFCU get the chance to change peoples’ lives and serve them every day – and one way is by partnering with the Heart of Illinois United Way. 

The Heart of Illinois United Way addresses our community’s needs by focusing on three important issues – ensuring the people of central Illinois have access to physical and mental healthcare, can obtain a quality education at any age, and have the resources to maintain financial stability. The funds raised through this organization go toward the services at local partner agencies that are addressing these critical needs.

CEFCU is a Campaign Pacesetter for the United Way, which means our campaign runs from June through August each year. As a Pacesetter, CEFCU helps ‘set the pace’ for the annual campaign by being one of the first organizations to run our employee campaign. The United Way campaign put on annually by CEFCU allows us to impact many different agencies that help our community and, ultimately, change peoples’ lives. Every year, CEFCU’s fundraising goal gets bigger and employees are given many opportunities to go above and beyond for United Way.  With the various internal fundraisers that are coordinated, we have the chance to support an excellent cause. Also, each Member Center and the back office gets to put on kick-off events and raise money to donate to the United Way. 

This year, the McLean County Member Centers did a Penny War as our kick-off event.  If you do not know what a Penny War is, please see this PDF. The six managers from the Bloomington/Normal Member Centers agreed to have donations placed in their individual cups knowing that the loser would receive a pie in the face. The three offices raised $330.01 for the United Way and two managers got pied in the face! Some say there was a conspiracy as to how they tied, but as the United Way representative in charge of the Penny War, I simply counted funds and they each had the same amount of points when it was all said and done.

As our CEO, Mark Spenny put it, “I am very proud of our generous team for making Central Illinois a better place to live, work and raise a family.”  It is our faithful donations every year that help make Central Illinois a warm and loving place.  The kind of place where people care for each other, serve one another and lend an ear to a troubled friend.  When we give to the United Way, we are giving life to those who otherwise may not get to experience such values.  It is an integral part of being an employee of CEFCU where we have the ability to help members in the Member Centers and to help our community by giving our time and money.