Going on vacation this year? Do some smart travel shopping first to get a good deal, and avoid a scam! Scammers push “free” or “low-cost” vacations via phone, texts, and faxes that often come with hidden fees or fake offers. Here are some signs a travel offer or prize might be a scam:

  • A company asks you to pay for a prize. A legitimate company selling “free” vacations generally has conditions, such as taxes & fees or attending a presentation (like for a timeshare). Ask about costs before you agree to anything.
  • A credit or debit card number is requested to verify your identity. There are other ways to verify your identity that do NOT require sharing account or card numbers.
  • A charter travel company requests a check payable directly to them. Federal law requires checks be made payable to an escrow account for charter travel companies.

For other ways to protect yourself, view our Travel Planning Tips guide. And, remember — before you head out of town, be sure to alert CEFCU of your travel plans. Doing so ensures your transactions aren’t marked as suspicious. Just give us a call at 1.800.542.3328.