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Member Stories

Why is CEFCU a better choice?  Members say it best — and share their CEFCU stories.

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Member since 1970

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Member since 1997


Member since 2012


Member since 2008


Member since 1994


Member since 1984


Member since 1999


Member since 2012


Pastor — The River Church


Member since 1999


Member since 2013


Member since 1989


Member since 1999

I attended the Senior Cents fraud seminar yesterday. The food was delicious, handouts great and the two presenters were so much fun to listen, too.  Plus, they were definitely informed about their topics.  Thank you!


Member since 1984

In spite of the tough year in 2020, you were still able to come through with an Extraordinary Dividend. Thank you CEFCU!

Katherine, from Pennsylvania

Member since 1992

The people at CEFCU who helped me were patient, professional, and did everything possible to quickly process and expedite my loan. The loan application process was very easy and is much appreciated. There is a reason I kept CEFCU as my credit union even after relocating to California. And that reason is simple. All of the staff at CEFCU, without exception, have always provided outstanding service anytime I have had questions or needed assistance, be it in person or by phone… and I am very grateful for their efforts on my behalf.


Member since 2010

Thank you to everyone at CEFCU that assisted me during this challenging time – so helpful and patient.  Kudos to everyone on what an excellent operation you have.


Member since 2015

We’re grateful for how CEFCU helped us years ago with building our first home, then helped with our business, and the help you’ve provided now. Not to sound cheesy, but I really DO feel you’re living out that ‘Not a bank-Better!’ slogan.


Member since 2014

“What I love most is the ease of online banking at CEFCU.  We use it for transferring money between accounts, making loan payments or paying bills — it’s just so easy to use. Plus, I also like the fact that it doesn’t feel like a bank at CEFCU and appreciate how everyone is so friendly and helpful. Whenever we have questions or need assistance, CEFCU takes the time to listen and help us figure out what we need. It’s why when we get the chance, we tell others about CEFCU.”

Susan, from Washburn

Member since 1990

Before joining CEFCU, we’d become accustom to the bank or credit union being served by us — instead of the other way around.  After joining CEFCU, we quickly learned that we had the relationship backward!  CEFCU has always been there for us!  CEFCU’s rates are better than what we’ve seen elsewhere in our area, and no other bank or credit union has consistently offered the service and financial benefits afforded to me and my family the way CEFCU does. This is in addition to the Extraordinary Dividends we’ve enjoyed at the end of the year.

Plus, the service has been unequalled, both in the branch and by phone… especially by Dave Smith in the Mortgage area. He’s helped guide me through the Home Loan process several times. Dave’s always been exceptional. I’ve even had other parties that were involved in my home buying or building process comment about Dave’s service. Over the years, I’ve referred several friends to CEFCU and they’ve all mentioned to me their experience has been just like mine — excellent.  I love how CEFCU always places the member's interest first and plan to be a life-long CEFCU member!

Mark, from Decatur

Member since 1996

I’ve been with CEFCU for over 20 years, and still with them even though I now live in South Carolina.


Member since 2000

Thank you for providing the fraud seminar for our benefit. The information shared was invaluable, and the venue and food were great. Technology is truly a blessing and a curse, and one that makes your job and that of law enforcement so much more difficult. It’s sad to think of the complete disregard that some in this world have for others. Thanks to CEFCU for doing all that you do to help protect us and our accounts. We wouldn’t think of using anyone else.

Donna and Dave

Members since 1998

CEFCU’s been my financial institution for more years than I can remember. You’ve been there for me and my husband when we needed a home loan, and then also a number of car loans along the way. And now, I have an IRA account there, too.  Thank you for the Extraordinary Dividend and for everything that the employees do to serve us. It means more than you could imagine.

Judy, from Peoria

Member since 1985

You guys really just came through for me in a situation and I wanted to say thank you so much. I really appreciate that you work with people and are willing to go above and beyond – that’s awesome!


Member since 2011

I’ve been a member since 1972, and wouldn’t have it any other way. My mom actually started me with an account back when I was in grade school, and I’m so glad she did. I wish I would have done the same for my children when they were young.


Member since 1972

Thanks for confirming my loan application and thanks to the CEFCU Business Services Team. I appreciate the assistance, responsiveness… and for going the extra mile.


Member since 1994

When I lived outside of Illinois for a while, I still used CEFCU thanks to being able to access the Co-op Shared Branch and ATM locations. I’ve used those now in Colorado, South Dakota, Mississippi — just about anywhere we go, I’ve been able to use those, which is a great feature. Now that I’m back in Illinois, I’m still with CEFCU, and have told others about the Credit Union.  I just appreciate how everyone I’ve  worked with is really helpful and friendly, plus love that there is a location in my hometown


Member since 1991

I love the better rates, lower costs, and just all around excellent service at CEFCU.  As a long-time member, I also use the debit card and ATMs, plus a number of other accounts and services. I simply appreciate the value of being part of a Credit Union… and tell others they should check out CEFCU. It’s awesome – keep up the great work!

Merle, from Peoria

Member since 1969

I'd like to thank CEFCU for what has been a prompt and organized process regarding applying for and receiving the PPP funds and loan forgiveness from the U.S. Small Business Administration. It’s been a tremendous help.  I’ve been impressed with CEFCU — especially the Business Services area — and have since moved all of my business accounts to CEFCU permanently. Had I relied on my other institution, it is likely I would have not received the PPP loan. I've also experienced what it was like with another bank to go through this process for my church. CEFCU has certainly stood out in a positive way by comparison.  Kudos to the team there and thank you for the great service.

Peoria area small business owner

Member since 1997

Thank you for the Dividend.  I’ve appreciated CEFCU’s basic philosophy of “people helping people” for many years, and even though I now live in Florida, I’d never consider moving my accounts from CEFCU. 


Member since 1991

I love CEFCU – been with them for nearly 40 years, even though we’re now living in Florida.


Member since 1985

I became aware on a Friday that our Mastercard account was compromised.  I went immediately to a Springfield Member Center (at the mall) and they said CEFCU was already aware of the activity, disallowed large transactions that were coming through, and explained how it appeared the scam was initiated. CEFCU then cancelled our cards and reissued. In short, I want to thank everyone on the security team for their quick action in securing my account and working through the issue before I was even aware. The fact that I received a letter from cardmember security a day later alerting me to the problem (giving me a number to call) simply showed that they WERE working to protect my accounts even before I was aware of the problem. THANK YOU SO MUCH!


Member since 2019

I appreciate the great service and experience I have when I call; they always take the time to listen and help members solve any problems or answer any questions we might have. I feel very secure having both my business and personal accounts at CEFCU – Keep up the good work.


Member since 2011

Unhappy and discouraged with many local banks, I was thrilled when the opportunity opened up in the 80’s for people other than Caterpillar workers to be CEFCU members. So, I joined CEFCU through my employer over 30 years ago. Now, even though I’ve retired and moved out of the area, I still use CEFCU for my primary financial transactions and savings and feel totally connected. I appreciate the personal care when I need assistance, and how you are always looking out for our financial well-being.


Member since 1983

“We actually financed a vehicle purchase with CEFCU. Everyone’s been friendly and super to work with, and it’s been very easy to set up accounts. We use the online access about once a week, and then a branch opened up near us and we appreciate being able to use that, as well. We like the convenience of using CEFCU and the great customer service.”


Member since 2012

“We became members when my husband first hired on at CAT back in the late 70’s. Over the years, we financed most of our vehicles and other major purchases. CEFCU’s been very easy to work with. I enjoy the friendly atmosphere, good rates, and the good customer service.”


Member since 1977

We’ve been with CEFCU for nearly 20 years. Thank you for all you are doing for our family and business.


Member since 2002

We just want to take time to applaud you and your website improvements for Online Banking. Thank you — great job! We’re proud to be CEFCU members.

The Elders

Member since 2007

“We just want to take time to applaud you and your website improvements for Online Banking. Thank you — great job! We’re proud to be CEFCU members.”

The Elders

Member since 2007

"I appreciate the convenience. We do mobile banking, use the ATMs quite a bit, and use a number of services and accounts at CEFCU.  And when we go there and have any questions or problems, staff are always friendly and willing to help us out. Plus, I really like the Dividends we’ve been getting at the end of the year. CEFCU’s awesome and has been a good place to do business."


Member since 1983

"I have a number of accounts at CEFCU — basically everything. Plus, many of my family members have accounts there, too. I appreciate the great rates and many plans and options they have for people. CEFCU’s been great and has always helped me… that’s just their way. "


Member since 1995

“What I love most is CEFCU is super accessible. I love the access to all the ATMs all over. So, whether I get off work at midnight or at 2 pm, I can always access my accounts and what I need. Plus, I use online to check my balances and do inquiries. My family were members, so I just naturally started and progressed with CEFCU.”


Member since 2001

Member Dividend Stories

“The Dividend means again making many of my co-workers jealous for their NOT choosing CEFCU over other places. It honestly makes me feel proud of the decision I made in 2007 to choose CEFCU.”

Praveen, from Peoria

Member since 2007

“The Extraordinary Dividend means so much to my family and I, especially right now! The extra money helps us have a little more room in our budget. We are so thankful to be a part of the CEFCU community!”

Kristin, from Decatur

Member since 2009

“The Dividend means the world to me. Sometimes it can be really hard to make ends meet, and when I looked at my savings account and saw some extra money, it really helped take off some stress! Thank you!!”

Victoria, from Normal

Member since 2016

“My husband and I are trying to pay our house off early. This Extraordinary Dividend helps us get closer to that goal. Thank you, CEFCU!”

Angie, from Peoria

Member since 2013

“The Dividend confirms CEFCU’s commitment to its members. On a personal note, it also reaffirms my belief in the integrity of CEFCU.”

Donald, from Bloomington

Member since 2017

“As a Minister of a church, I have lots of opportunities to help people in need, which these year-end extra CEFCU funds have allowed my family to purchase gifts for others, as well as fill and ship Shoebox Christmas gifts to children in impoverished countries (through Operation Christmas Child). Thank you so much! I’m proud to be a CEFCU member.”

Rusty, from Minier

Member since 2001

“CEFCU simply can’t be beat by any bank. The dividend sets it apart. Not only are loan rates great, the Dividend drives them lower. No matter where I am, I will always be a CEFCU member/owner.”

Stephen, from Arlington Heights

Member since 2010

“The Dividend means a little something extra for Christmas. I love that CEFCU shares the profits. I wouldn’t get this with a bank. Thank You!”

Tabitha, from Clinton

Member since 2013

“The Extraordinary Dividend helps me donate that money to the needy local charities.”

Kanan, from Mountain View

Member since 2014

“We have always obtained our car loans through CEFCU. Why? They always have the lowest rates! The Dividend we receive every year, lets us know CEFCU values us as a member.”

Christina, from Mt. Zion

Member since 2001

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