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Member Stories

Why is CEFCU a better choice?  Members say it best — and share their CEFCU stories.


Pastor — The River Church


Member since 1999


Member since 2011


Member since 2013


Member since 1999

“We actually financed a vehicle purchase with CEFCU. Everyone’s been friendly and super to work with, and it’s been very easy to set up accounts. We use the online access about once a week, and then a branch opened up near us and we appreciate being able to use that, as well. We like the convenience of using CEFCU and the great customer service.”


Member since 2012

“I was looking for help with some financial needs. A family member suggested I talk to CEFCU. He’d been working with the Santa Clara location and loved the service. So I did, and actually joined CEFCU in early 2016.”

“I can’t praise the CEFCU team enough! Jenny, Trinity, Daisy, and others — including Saul in Investment Services — have all been fantastic answering my questions. CEFCU’s helped guide me through the entire process.”

“CEFCU’s deposit rates and lower loan rates are all better than what I have seen offered from most banks. But what I love most is the people and their support. CEFCU really is not a bank, better.”


Member since 2016

“We became members when my husband first hired on at CAT back in the late 70’s. Over the years, we financed most of our vehicles and other major purchases. CEFCU’s been very easy to work with. I enjoy the friendly atmosphere, good rates, and the good customer service.”


Member since 1977

We just want to take time to applaud you and your website improvements for Online Banking. Thank you — great job! We’re proud to be CEFCU members.

The Elders

Member since 2007

“We just want to take time to applaud you and your website improvements for Online Banking. Thank you — great job! We’re proud to be CEFCU members.”

The Elders

Member since 2007

"I appreciate the convenience. We do mobile banking, use the ATMs quite a bit, and use a number of services and accounts at CEFCU.  And when we go there and have any questions or problems, staff are always friendly and willing to help us out. Plus, I really like the Dividends we’ve been getting at the end of the year. CEFCU’s awesome and has been a good place to do business."


Member since 1983

"I have a number of accounts at CEFCU — basically everything. Plus, many of my family members have accounts there, too. I appreciate the great rates and many plans and options they have for people. CEFCU’s been great and has always helped me… that’s just their way. "


Member since 1995

“What I love most is CEFCU is super accessible. I love the access to all the ATMs all over. So, whether I get off work at midnight or at 2 pm, I can always access my accounts and what I need. Plus, I use online to check my balances and do inquiries. My family were members, so I just naturally started and progressed with CEFCU.”


Member since 2001

Member Dividend Stories

“The Dividend means again making many of my co-workers jealous for their NOT choosing CEFCU over other places. It honestly makes me feel proud of the decision I made in 2007 to choose CEFCU.”

Praveen, from Peoria

Member since 2007

“The Extraordinary Dividend means so much to my family and I, especially right now! The extra money helps us have a little more room in our budget. We are so thankful to be a part of the CEFCU community!”

Kristin, from Decatur

Member since 2009

“The Dividend means the world to me. Sometimes it can be really hard to make ends meet, and when I looked at my savings account and saw some extra money, it really helped take off some stress! Thank you!!”

Victoria, from Normal

Member since 2016

“My husband and I are trying to pay our house off early. This Extraordinary Dividend helps us get closer to that goal. Thank you, CEFCU!”

Angie, from Peoria

Member since 2013

“The Dividend confirms CEFCU’s commitment to its members. On a personal note, it also reaffirms my belief in the integrity of CEFCU.”

Donald, from Bloomington

Member since 2017

“As a Minister of a church, I have lots of opportunities to help people in need, which these year-end extra CEFCU funds have allowed my family to purchase gifts for others, as well as fill and ship Shoebox Christmas gifts to children in impoverished countries (through Operation Christmas Child). Thank you so much! I’m proud to be a CEFCU member.”

Rusty, from Minier

Member since 2001

“CEFCU simply can’t be beat by any bank. The dividend sets it apart. Not only are loan rates great, the Dividend drives them lower. No matter where I am, I will always be a CEFCU member/owner.”

Stephen, from Arlington Heights

Member since 2010

“The Dividend means a little something extra for Christmas. I love that CEFCU shares the profits. I wouldn’t get this with a bank. Thank You!”

Tabitha, from Clinton

Member since 2013

“The Extraordinary Dividend helps me donate that money to the needy local charities.”

Kanan, from Mountain View

Member since 2014

“We have always obtained our car loans through CEFCU. Why? They always have the lowest rates! The Dividend we receive every year, lets us know CEFCU values us as a member.”

Christina, from Mt. Zion

Member since 2001

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