Membership Benefits

We are better together.  That’s the reason CEFCU was founded…  so borrowers could help savers and savers could help borrowers.  We believe helping people is more than a nice idea — it’s the reason we’re in business.

CEFCU members enjoy access to many of the same services you’d find at a bank — but with some important differences! These differences include:

  • Putting members first. That means we don’t hide fees or push you into choosing things that are profitable (to CEFCU) but costly and useless (to you).
  • Being genuinely helpful. We put you first by encouraging smart financial decisions. We’re also proudly active in supporting the communities we serve.
  • Being resourceful. Our ability to survive — even thrive! — through good times and bad helps make us great.

It’s the reason we say CEFCU is…Not a Bank. Better®. Are you ready to join the family?