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Teaching Students About Money

Helping young people learn how to handle money and develop healthy financial habits is important — and something CEFCU has championed for years.

The videos and links to resources available below can assist parents and teachers in helping young people learn how to use money wisely and make sound financial decisions.   

High School

It's a Job to Get a Job

The Basics of Credit Scores

Importance of Budgeting

Living On Your Own

Paying With Cash or Credit

Compound Interest

Inventing – Investor

Paycheck Breakdown

What Are Economic Cycles?

Managing an Allowance

The Importance of Bookkeeping

The Economics of Economics

Making a Big Purchase

Talk to your Teen - Savings

Talk To Your Teen - Part-Time Jobs

Talk To Your Teen - Identity Theft

Talk To Your Teen - Taxes

Additional Resources

Middle School

Tracking Your Spending (budgets)

Wishing or Working

Modeling Scams

Be Money Smart

Jobs vs. Careers

The Value of Currency

Additional Resources

Grade School

Buck Presents: Where to Save

Buck Presents: Wants vs. Needs

Buck Presents: Why We Save

Buck Presents: Debit Cards

Additional Resources

Instructional Resources

Biz Kids

Check out the additional videos, lesson plans, and other resources available at .


Receive powerful tips by leading financial experts to help you control your debt, build a budget, and start living the life you want to live at .

Junior Achievement

CEFCU has proudly supported Junior Achievement in Central Illinois for many years, both financially as well as providing staff to lead JA classroom programs.  Explore these free online resources from Junior Achievement:


GreenPath University :   Helpful articles, blogs, and tips on using credit wisely, saving for the future, buying a car and more

GreenPath Learning Lab :   Online interactive courses to help understand the importance of budgeting, preparing for unexpected expenses, buying a home, and more.