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If you are using a screen reader or other auxiliary aid and are having problems using this website, please contact us at 1.800.633.7077.

Visit our accessibility help page.

CEFCU On-Line & Mobile Banking

On the go? On the couch? No matter where you are, your money is just a touch or click away.

Use any device — phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, or Apple Watch® — to connect whenever and wherever it’s convenient for you!

What can you do with CEFCU On-Line & Mobile Banking?

  • Manage accounts
  • Move money
  • Deposit a check (app only)
  • Send secure messages
  • Make Loan and Credit Card Payments
  • Pay bills
  • View eStatements
  • And so much more!

Almost everything!

CEFCU On-Line & CEFCU Mobile Banking are designed to let you easily manage nearly all of your finances. Whether you access your accounts from your computer, tablet, or smartphone, everything looks and functions the same.

The modern, intuitive design makes it smooth and easy to go from one device to another.

Online & Mobile Banking Features

  • Online Budgeting Tools

    Use the Online Budgeting Tools to understand your spending, categorize transactions, set budgets, and meet your financial goals! Access the Online Budgeting Tools when you log in to CEFCU On-Line.

  • Mobile Quick Balance

    View up to 5 of your accounts’ balances by simply swiping up on the login screen of CEFCU Mobile Banking. Find it under the Settings menu to enable.

  • Mobile Check Deposit

    Deposit checks without leaving the house! Use the Mobile Banking app to take a picture of the front and back of an endorsed check to deposit it.

  • Card Management

    Take control of your CEFCU Credit or Debit Mastercard®! Enjoy online card activation, alerts and controls, reporting your card lost or stolen, and much more! Log in to On-Line Banking and select Card Management from the Home Page to get started today.

  • CardSwap

    Getting a new card can be a pain… but it’s easier with CardSwap. With CardSwap, you can update your Credit and/or Debit Card information for more than 60 online retailers, all without ever leaving online banking. Get started today by selecting CardSwap from the Transfers & Payments menu.

  • Biller Direct

    Enjoy one convenient spot to pay all your bills, like utilities, cable, and more, with your CEFCU Credit or Debit Mastercard. Use Biller Direct to track bills due within the week or the month, make payments today, or schedule payments for a future date. Find Biller Direct under the Transfers & Payments menu!

Online & Mobile Banking also allow you to:

  • Make it personal.

    Choose your theme, set your preferences, select personal alerts, and more. Prefer to view in Spanish? There's a theme for that!

  • Manage your account anytime/anywhere.

    Transfer money from your account or another's and pay or apply for a loan.

  • Practice secure banking.

    Choose from fingerprint, face, or passcode authentication — depending on the device — when you use our app. Secure Access codes help protect your account, which is a priority.

  • Keep track 24/7.

    Access account information and history on your desktop or device. Sign up for fast, secure eStatements, too.

Get Started

Enrolling in CEFCU On-Line and CEFCU Mobile Banking is easy!

Download CEFCU’s app, or connect from your web browser.

If you're already a CEFCU On-Line Banking user, you can use your login ID and password to access Mobile Banking. If you haven't registered for On-Line Banking, get started with CEFCU On-Line Banking (opens in new window) here.

Download iPhone/iPad app

Download the iOS app from the Apple App Store.

Download Android app

Download the Android app from Google Play.

Log in on

Log in via the homepage.

Tips & Information


• Have questions about CEFCU On-Line or Mobile Banking? Stop by or give us a call. We'd love to talk with you!

Online & Mobile Banking - FAQs

  • Why did I receive a request to update my password?

    For increased security, passwords expire periodically. You will be prompted to update your password when it expires. Your new password can’t be the same as any passwords you’ve used recently.

  • Is my login information the same for both CEFCU On-Line & Mobile Banking?

    Yes, your Login ID and password are the same for both CEFCU On-Line & Mobile Banking.

  • I’m trying to transfer money to my CEFCU Credit Card/Loan account but the account doesn’t appear in the drop-down menu. What should I do?

    All CEFCU Loan payments can be made by going to Transfers & Payments > Loan/Card Payment. From there, you’ll be able to select the Loan or Credit Card account that you wish to pay, as well as the CEFCU account from which your payment will be made.

  • How do I make a CEFCU Loan payment from an external account?

    You first must link your external account to CEFCU On-Line so you can transfer money between the two. To do so, go to Transfers & Payments > Connect External Account, then follow the necessary steps. Once your account is linked, you can make a loan payment by going to Transfers & Payments > Loan/Card Payment.

  • How can I enroll in CEFCU Mobile Banking?

    Enrollment is easy! Go to your phone’s app store and download the CEFCU Mobile Banking app. Then, enter your CEFCU primary account number (7 digits or less, depending on account), date of birth, last four digits of your Social Security number, and choose a Login ID consisting of at least 8 characters.

    If you are already enrolled in CEFCU On-Line, simply enter the same credentials to gain access to CEFCU Mobile Banking once the app is downloaded.

  • What types of transactions can I do through CEFCU On-Line/Mobile Banking?

    There are a variety of transaction options and features in CEFCU On-Line/Mobile Banking. You can:

    • View your deposit and loan accounts
    • Check your current and available balances
    • View recent transactions
    • Deposit checks with Mobile Check Deposit*
    • Conduct transfers between CEFCU accounts
    • Pay bills via CEFCU Bill Pay or Biller Direct
    • Find Member Center, ATM, and Shared Branch locations
    • Reorder checks
    • Apply for a loan
    • Set account alerts
    • View images of cleared checks
    • Access Online Budgeting Tools
    • View eStatements
    • Make Loan/Card Payments
    • Open additional accounts
    • Update your contact information
    • Set up external accounts
    • Access Card Management tools

    *Mobile Check Deposit can only be used while on a mobile device. The user must be 18 years or older to deposit checks with Mobile Check Deposit and have an open Checking Account in good standing.


What is a “Secure Access Code?”

Secure Access Codes are part of CEFCU On-Line’s enhanced safety system, called multi-factor authentication. With MFA, you prove your identity (and therefore your right to access your CEFCU account) with two or more “factors.”

Factors can be:

  • Something you KNOW (like your account number, user ID, date of birth, or password)
  • Something you HAVE (like a phone or email account)

With a Secure Access Code, the CEFCU On-Line server sends a randomly generated six-digit number to a phone number or email that’s already on file — so it can’t be faked on the spot by a fraudster. The Secure Access Code expires after a single use or a few minutes; whichever comes first.

Secure Access Codes can be sent via text, email, or even by an automated voice call — however you prefer. And, if you choose, you can “register” your device, which writes a browser cookie, so you won’t have to re-enter the Secure Access Code every time you log in (unless you delete your cookies).

Need help getting started or want to learn more about Secure Access Codes? Check out our CEFCU On-Line User Guide and video tutorials.

CEFCU On-Line Safety Tips

  • Ensure your web browser, operating system, anti-virus software, and other applications are current and support 256-bit encryption.
  • Memorize your passwords and change them regularly.
  • Log off your CEFCU On-Line session when finished.
  • Do not leave your computer unattended when logged in to CEFCU On-Line.
  • Do not use public computers or unsecured WiFi when accessing CEFCU On-Line.
  • If you receive an error when logging in to your account, report the error to 1.800.633.7077.

*Please note: During CEFCU's nightly processing hours, typically the hours of 8 p.m. (CT) and 3 a.m. (CT) Monday - Friday and 5 p.m. (CT) to 12 a.m. (CT) Sunday, transaction history displayed within CEFCU On-Line and Mobile Banking may not show all transactions for that business date and may not display an accurate calculated running balance.  However, the Current Balance displayed on the account is accurate at the time it is presented.

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