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Find answers to your questions about CEFCU services and products.

Bill Pay

  • Why doesn’t the payment debit my account immediately?

    Payment(s) scheduled through Bill Pay do not arrive at their destination immediately. Depending on the delivery type, payments are debited from the account on a “Process Date” so they may arrive on their selected Payment Date.

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Buying Your First Home


  • How do I reorder checks?

    You can reorder checks for your CEFCU Checking account online.
    To reorder checks:

    1. Log in to CEFCU On-Line®.
    2. Select Services from the menu at the top.
    3. Select Checking Services, then click Order Checks.
    4. Select the box next to the account you would like to order checks for. 
    5. Follow the prompts to make your selection of the available check designs or choose Quick Order to proceed with the same selection as your last order.
    6. Confirm your personalization and click Continue.
    7. Add the Checks to your Shopping Cart and proceed through the Checkout process.
    8. Once you submit your order, you will receive a confirmation email to track your order. When the checks ship, the amount charged will come directly out of your CEFCU Checking account. This charge will appear as 'Harland Clarke' on your statements.

    If you have any questions about check ordering, please contact CEFCU.

College Savings

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Consolidation Student Loans

  • Am I eligible to apply for the Consolidation Student Loan?

    In addition to being a CEFCU member, you must meet credit requirement qualifications applicable at the time the loan is reviewed. In addition, you must be a U.S. citizen/national or eligible non-citizen.

    If you are a foreign student, you must have a cosigner who is a U.S. citizen or permanent resident with a mailing address in the United States and a valid Social Security number.

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Credit Card

  • I lost my card, what do I do?

    Report your lost or stolen CEFCU Mastercard® to CEFCU immediately.

    • 309.633.3763
    • 800.542.3328

    NOTE: For security reasons, you cannot report a lost or stolen card through email.


  • How do I access eBills?

    To access your bills, you will need to provide credentials for each of the bills you would like to receive electronically. The credentials may include User ID, Password, and security questions you would use to access your account on the biller's website. This information is stored in a secure area and data is encrypted to ensure your privacy. Only you are able to access, view, and change key account information. To determine if your payees are eligible for eBills, click on the Payees tab. You also can view eligibility on the Payment Center.

  • What do I have to do to sign up for eBills?

    To enroll in eBills,

    • Login in to CEFCU On-Line®.  Choose the Transfers & Payments tab in the Menu Bar. Then select Advanced Bill Pay Site.
    • On the right side of your screen, you will see a box labeled eBill Connect. If there is nothing listed here, there are no payees available to enroll in eBill.
    • Choose the Payee you wish to enroll. Enter your credentials, such as a User ID or Password, you normally use to access your accounts on the Payee’s website. Click Continue.  These credentials are then used to verify account ownership and will obtain the latest bill information.
    • Read the Terms and Conditions of the eBill service. If you accept the Terms and Conditions, click the check box and select Continue. You may have to wait up to 3 minutes for your account information to be retrieved.
    • If your payee’s website requires additional verification in order to login, you will be prompted to complete that verification. Select Continue.
    • If you have more than one account with the payee, select the account for which you wish to receive eBills. You can only receive eBills for one account per Payee.
    • Select the type of account in the drop-down box and click Submit.
    • Your request to enroll your eBill is complete. In most cases, your eBill will be available in two to four days. In the event your eBill cannot be added immediately, your eBill enrollment status will show Pending.

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  • How do I sign up for eStatements?

    When logged into CEFCU’s On-Line® or Mobile Banking, go to Services > eStatements > Enroll in eStatements. To enroll, you’ll need to first change the Delivery Preference from the default Paper Statements to eStatements. Next, input a valid email address in the Delivery Email Address box. Click on and agree to the eStatement Disclosure and Consent. You will need to verify your device is able to view PDF files by obtaining a keyword from the directions provided. Click Save to keep your changes.

Finalizing and Closing the Home Loan

  • Will I need to have an attorney represent me at closing?

    The closing takes place at the office of a title company or attorney in your area who will act as our agent. If you are purchasing a new home, the seller may be at the closing to transfer ownership to you; but in some states, these two events actually happen separately.

    In some areas of the country it is very customary, and sometimes required by law, to have an attorney represent you at the closing; but in other areas, it’s your choice. If you’re attorney has any questions, please contact us.

  • Who will be at the closing?

    The closing agent acts as CEFCU's agent and will represent us at the closing. If you have any questions that cannot be answered during the closing, ask the closing agent to contact us by phone, and we'll get you the answers you need — before the closing is over!

  • If I apply, where will the closing take place?

    We use a nationwide network of closing agents and attorneys to conduct our loan closings. Your closing will take place in a location near your home for your convenience. We'll deliver your loan documents and loan funds to the closing agent or attorney before closing so they will have plenty of time to prepare for your closing.

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Health Savings Account

  • Are contributions (deposits) tax deductible?

    Yes. Health Savings Account contributions made by an eligible individual or his/her family members are deductible by the eligible individual when determining his/her adjusted gross income. The individual cannot also deduct the contributions as medical expense deductions.

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Home Loans

  • Is CEFCU right for me?

    Buying a house is a big deal, and we’re here to help with more than competitive rates and low closing costs. Our Home Loans team gives you personal service every step of the way.

  • Is comparing Annual Percentage Rates (APRs) the best way to decide which lender has the lowest rates and fees?

    You can use the APR as a guideline to shop for loans, but you should not depend solely on the APR in choosing the loan program best for you. The Federal Truth in Lending law requires that all financial institutions disclose the APR when they advertise a rate.

    Some closing fees are included in the APR calculation. These fees, in addition to the interest rate, determine the estimated cost of financing over the full term of the loan. The APR doesn't include all the fees — including fees appraisals, title work, and document preparation.

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Hybrid HELOC

  • What is a Hybrid HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit)?

    The Hybrid HELOC is the best of both worlds! It combines the flexibility of a HELOC, with the peace of mind of a Home Equity Loan. Members obtain a variable rate Line of Credit (base) in which they can “lock-in” portions of the balance at fixed rates, terms, and payments. 

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Mechanical Repair Coverage

  • What if I’m out on the road?

    24-hour emergency roadside assistance up to $100 per occurrence.

    • Towing
    • Battery jump start
    • Fluid delivery
    • Flat tire assistance
    • Lock-out service

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Online Banking

  • Am I going to need a new Secure Access Code every time I log in to CEFCU On-Line/Mobile Banking?

    To ensure CEFCU is in compliance with multi-factor regulations, a SAC is required every time you log in to your online account from an unregistered browser or device. You can register multiple browsers and devices by entering a new SAC for each and selecting to register them.

    Note: Clearing your cookies and cache will unregister any browser or device, so you will need to obtain a new SAC and register it again the next time you log in.

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Private Student Loans

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Refer a Friend

  • I've referred several people to CEFCU over the years. What do I get?

    Thank you for choosing CEFCU and for trusting us enough to recommend CEFCU to your family and friends. While CEFCU is currently piloting a formal referral program, member referrals over the years have always been a key contributor to CEFCU's financial success. That success has allowed CEFCU to return $330 million in year-end Extraordinary Dividends to all members since 2000.

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