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Digital Assistant

Now you have a new way to interact with your CEFCU accounts, available 24/7 through a variety of channels:

Amazon Alexa footnote 1

Access your CEFCU account on an Amazon Alexa

SMS (Text Messaging)

Use SMS text messaging to access your CEFCU account

Features and Benefits

With Digital Assistant, you can use your internet-enabled devices to ask questions, request information, and even perform transactions on your CEFCU accounts. Enjoy hands-free functionality through voice commands, or use text messaging to get assistance wherever you are.

Digital Assistant learns to respond to advanced requests with regular use. Here are some examples of things you can ask:

  • “Where is the nearest Member Center?”
  • “How much is in my Checking account?”
  • “What is CEFCU’s routing number?”
  • “When is my Credit Card payment due?”

Get started with Digital Assistant today.

Amazon Alexa

Open your Amazon Alexa app and search for “CEFCU” in the Skills section.


Simply text “Start” to 51219.footnote 2


  • What is CEFCU Digital Assistant?

    CEFCU Digital Assistant is a new interactive tool that allows members to connect with their CEFCU accounts and access CEFCU information through additional channels. It’s as simple as accessing CEFCU Digital Assistant using SMS or Amazon Alexa*, then asking the device questions or giving the device commands to meet your needs. 

  • When is CEFCU Digital Assistant available?

    CEFCU Digital Assistant can be accessed at any time!

  • Who can use CEFCU Digital Assistant?

    Anyone can use CEFCU Digital Assistant using Amazon Alexa or SMS text messaging. You do not need to be a CEFCU member in order to use the service through those channels.

  • What kind of information can I get from using CEFCU Digital Assistant?

    You can access general CEFCU information, personal account information, and product-specific information using CEFCU Digital Assistant. Plus, it will learn and grow through common member interactions, so as time goes on, new assistance and answers will become available! 

  • How do I link a new device to CEFCU Digital Assistant?

    When using Alexa devices, the user will receive either an email, voice, or text notification in order to authenticate any time a device is linked.

    In order to receive this notification or turn off this notification, members will need to log in to CEFCU On-Line/Mobile Banking, then go to Menu > Settings > Security Alerts > “Alert me when a computer/browser is successfully registered.”

  • How do I get started using SMS text messaging?

    Text “Start” to 51219, then you can start the conversation with CEFCU Digital Assistant.

    Through the interactions with the digital assistant, a user may be prompted to connect to their CEFCU account for additional details. Use your CEFCU On-Line/Mobile Banking login credentials to connect.

  • How do I get started using Amazon Alexa?

    Invocation for Alexa: “Alexa, open CEFCU” to start a conversation with CEFCU Digital Assistant.

    • Only iOS users have the capability to use the text feature within Alexa. Android users only have voice capabilities.
    • Due to the nature of Alexa’s Natural Language Understanding (NLU), Alexa occasionally requires more context to understand the user’s request compared to SMS text messaging.
      • For example, Alexa may not understand short, uncommon utterances like SEP IRA, but will understand, “Explain a SEP IRA” or “Define SEP IRA”.
  • Why isn’t CEFCU Digital Assistant accessing one of my accounts?

    Make sure the accounts you are wishing to access are not “hidden.” Accounts that have been “hidden” in Account Preferences and Online Budgeting Tools will not be in the list of accounts for CEFCU Digital Assistant to access.

  • Why does it provide information on a My Use Account when I asked for my Savings account?

    CEFCU Digital Assistant uses the account name and product type to find the best match. When using terms like “my savings account”, it is looking for a savings product and an account name of “my savings”. If the member has a My Use Account, it is both a savings product and an account name containing “my”, therefore the best match to present. This can be avoided by leaving out “my” and ask for “savings account details”, or something similar. 

  • Why has CEFCU discontinued using Google Assistant?

    Google is sunsetting it’s Google Assistant program. Because of this, we are removing the service. Amazon Alexa and SMS text messaging will continue to work and be available to members.

1. Amazon Alexa and all related logos are trademarks of Inc. or its affiliates.

2. Message and data rates may apply. Reply HELP for help. Reply STOP to cancel. See the SMS Terms and Privacy Policy for more information.