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Security Center

Use the information in these tips, articles, and links to help keep your identity safe.

  • Charities and Scammers — How To Protect Yourself This Holiday Season

    | Security

    The season of giving is just around the corner! In the spirit of giving gifts, you may also choose to donate to a charity.

  • Be wary of texting scams

    | Security

    Texting scams are on the rise. Texting is cheap, easy, and scammers count on the ding of an incoming text being hard to ignore.

  • Beware of AI Scams

    | Security

    There is a lot of talk about Artificial Intelligence (AI) these days, with many sectors increasingly taking advantage of AI applications — from companies to educational institutions, even fast food restaurants.

  • What Scammers Know – That You Don’t

    | Security

    There is a science to scams, and it may surprise you to know how sophisticated criminals can be. Unfortunately, what you don’t know about a scam can cost you plenty.

  • Share Your Story. Stop Scammers.

    | Security

    Scammers are always looking for a new approach to steal your money or information. Chances are you or someone you know have fallen victim to a scammer.

  • Avoiding Job Scams

    | Security

    Did you go beyond your budget this holiday season? For many, this time of year is a good time to pick up some part-time work to help pay off those holiday bills.

  • Stay Alert: Phishing Scams

    | Security

    Identity thieves use emails, texts, and bogus websites to phish for personal information — including your account numbers, passwords, and Social Security number.

  • Protect Yourself from Utility Scams

    | Security

    No matter what season, it’s not good to lose your utilities; but that’s just what scammers are telling you is going to happen.

  • Choose your Log-In Credentials Wisely

    | Security

    Protect your accounts with strong log-in choices and avoid using the same login ID/password combination on multiple sites.

  • Be Alert for Scams in Your Mailbox

    | Security

    The postcards look official. They have phone numbers and Mortgage ID#’s. But mortgage purchases are a matter of public record.

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