Special Accounts

To help meet your needs, CEFCU offers a variety of other accounts — Totten Trust, Uniform Transfer to Minor, and Club accounts.

Totten Trust

  • Name beneficiaries for CEFCU Savings, Checking, Insured Money Market Account (IMMA), and Certificates.
  • Change or revoke beneficiaries at any time.
  • Enjoy additional NCUA insurance coverage per beneficiary for certain accounts.
  • Pass deposits to your beneficiaries upon death.

Uniform Transfer To Minor

  • Permanently transfer funds to a minor.
  • Designate custodian responsible for all account transactions.
  • Withdraw funds only for minor's benefit.
  • Set up account as a CEFCU Savings, Checking, IMMA, or Certificate.

Club Account

  • Enjoy CEFCU membership benefits as a club or organization.
  • Qualify by having a majority of the organization's members/shareholders eligible for CEFCU membership.
  • Earn dividends on deposits (must provide Taxpayer Identification Number).

Contact CEFCU for more information.