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It's easy to earn and redeem rewards with the CEFCU Rewards and World MasterCard®.

Use your CEFCU Rewards or World MasterCard to start earning Rewards, including:

  • Merchandise
  • CEFCU Gift Card
  • Airline Tickets
  • Vacation Packages
  • Car Rentals
  • Fuel Rewards Network
    You can earn discounts at the pump when you use your CEFCU MasterCard, Rewards MasterCard, or World MasterCard.

Earn Bonus Points

Travel Rewards


To earn bonus points, just:

  1. Book trips through our Rewards Travel Partner, Montrose Travel.
  2. Use your CEFCU Rewards or World MasterCard.
  3. Mention promo code 93-30652078.
  4. Call Montrose Travel at 800.900.6160 or visit the CURewards® Mall.
Shopping Rewards


Earn more points for everyday purchases:

  1. Use your CEFCU Rewards or World MasterCard.
  2. Enroll in CURewards.
  3. Shop the CURewards Mall.
Shopping Rewards

Additional Bonus Points

Earn even more points by using the World MasterCard in qualifying categories. Contact CEFCU for complete details on the categories or World MasterCard eligibility.

Redeem Rewards

Gift Cards

Redeem MasterCard Rewards for CEFCU Gift Cards.


Log in to CURewards to redeem Rewards for travel.


Log in to CURewards to redeem Rewards for merchandise. You also can use the CURewards Mall app.

For more information or questions concerning your Rewards, please contact CEFCU.

MasterCard Rewards Program

How does the MasterCard Rewards Program work?

The CEFCU MasterCard Rewards Program offers credit cardholders the opportunity to earn one point for every qualifying purchase dollar charged to a CEFCU Rewards MasterCard. Points can be accumulated and redeemed for Gift Cards, travel, and merchandise rewards. In addition, you can earn bonus points when you shop the CURewards Mall.

What is a qualifying purchase dollar?

For the purpose of calculating points earned, a qualifying purchase dollar includes dollars spent on net sales transactions through a merchant, less any return balances. Balance transfer/consolidation transactions, cash advance checks, etc. do not qualify to earn points.

What types of rewards are available?

Rewards start at just 2,500 points and include:

  • Merchandise — such as jewelry, electronics, recreation equipment, and home furnishings
  • CEFCU Gift Cards
  • Car rentals from national providers
  • Airline tickets with no blackout dates
  • Vacation packages and hotel accommodations

How do I redeem my rewards?

You may redeem your rewards for CEFCU Gift Cards, merchandise, or travel. For travel rewards, contact Montrose Travel at 800.900.6160 or visit

Do CEFCU Debit Cards earn rewards?


Is there a limit to the number of points I can earn?

No. You can earn unlimited points.

Can I combine points on different Credit Card accounts, like from my spouse's account?

No, points cannot be combined. However, you may choose to have a single credit card account with more than one authorized user. This would allow purchases by multiple cardholders to earn and accumulate points on a single account.

What are the rates?

Visit the Rates page to get the most current Credit Card rate.

How are points calculated?

Points are calculated on a 1-point-per-qualifying-purchase-dollar basis. Dollars spent on sales transactions (through a merchant) are eligible to earn points, minus any return balances. Balance transfer/consolidation transactions, cash advance checks, finance charges, etc. are not eligible to earn points.††

When do points appear on my credit card account?

Points are credited each statement billing cycle based on transactions performed during that cycle.

Where can I find out what my point balance is?

Your point balance is reflected on your monthly statement. It is also available by logging on to your account at or by contacting CEFCU.

When do points expire?

Points may exist on an account for up to five calendar years before they begin to expire. When redeeming points, CEFCU follows a first in/first out model. In other words, the first points accrued (and therefore the soonest to expire) are the first points deducted when you redeem points toward a reward.

If I choose to close my CEFCU Rewards MasterCard account and later apply to have it reopened, can my points be reinstated?

No. Points must be redeemed on your account before you request closure, or they will be forfeited. They cannot be reinstated on a new account.

I have a joint cardholder on my credit card account. Each of us have a different card number, and our transactions show separately on our monthly statement. Are our reward points calculated separately?

No. Points for all transactions performed with cards on the account are consolidated and will appear on your statement as one rewards point balance.

Rewards Redemption

How many points do I need before I can redeem a reward?

Rewards start at just 2,500 points. For instance, if your average grocery bill is $50 per week, and you use a CEFCU Rewards MasterCard, this point level can be achieved in one year with just grocery purchases.

How can I redeem points?

You may redeem your points for CEFCU Gift Cards, merchandise, or travel. For travel rewards, contact Montrose Travel at 800.900.6160. To earn bonus points on travel purchases from Montrose, call 800.270.7161 and mention the special code 93-30652078 or find Montrose Travel in the CURewards Mall.

What types of rewards are available?

CEFCU rewards include airline travel, Gift Cards, vacation packages, and merchandise rewards. Periodically, other types of rewards — such as car rentals, cruises, all-inclusive vacations, and experience rewards (spa, games) — also may be available.

Are there any additional travel fees I may have to pay over and above redemption of my rewards points?

Travel fares and fees vary by product and redemption type. It is possible taxes or additional fees may be due on some types of rewards. These will be clarified at the time of redemption when you are speaking with a travel professional. An example of such a fee would be if you request/require a paper ticket for airline travel. Because most tickets today are issued electronically, the airline may impose paper ticket and delivery fees that would be passed along to you.

Can I combine or transfer points to/from airline frequent flyer programs?

No. CEFCU's MasterCard Rewards Program stands alone and is not affiliated with any airline reward programs.

May I use my points to reserve travel for someone else?

Yes. As the cardholder, you may make reservations in the name of the person of your choice.

Can I book directly with an airline or a travel agent to redeem my points?

No. Travel points must be redeemed through Montrose Travel by calling 800.900.6160 or going through Montrose in the CURewards Mall. When you book through Montrose and use your CEFCU Rewards MasterCard, call 800.270.7161 and mention promo 93-30652078 to earn bonus points. They can be used later for travel, gift cards, or merchandise.

Can I apply points retroactively to a previously purchased airline ticket?

No. Points may only be redeemed at the time of purchase and cannot be applied to tickets already purchased.

If I don't have enough points, can I make a partial redemption and pay the difference?

Each travel reward requires a minimum number of points. When you have enough points for the minimum redemption, you can pay the difference for the travel reward you prefer.

I don't have enough points for all the travel tickets I need. Can I buy additional tickets?

Yes. Montrose Travel is able to book additional tickets on a pay basis, but a per ticket transaction fee will apply.

What airlines participate in CEFCU's MasterCard Rewards Program?

All scheduled airlines in the United States and many international carriers are available through the MasterCard Rewards Program. Cardholders will receive full details at issuance.

Can I redeem my points for an airline travel voucher?

No. Points cannot be redeemed for a voucher toward future airline travel.

Are tickets always available and free if I meet all of the rules and see there are seats still available through the airline's website?

No. Each airline and each flight has a limited number of seats in its inventory that meet requirements. Montrose Travel will do its utmost to find a rewards ticket; however, we cannot guarantee ticket availability for every transaction, even if you see seats are available on an airline's website. Contact Montrose Travel at 800.900.6160 or visit the CURewards Mall.

What hotels participate in the MasterCard Rewards Program?

Marriott, Hyatt, and Ritz Carlton.

What car rental companies participate in the MasterCard Rewards Program?

Alamo, Hertz, and National.

What costs of the rental car are covered?

Free days are prorated against the base rate of the entire rental period. This does not include taxes — including government authorized or imposed surcharges, fuel, license recoupment/air recovery, and concession recoupment — or optional items.

How do I rent a car with my points?

Points are redeemed for a rental certificate. An original rental certificate document will be mailed by U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail® and must be presented at the time you rent your car. Ten business days are required in advance of rental date for processing and delivery of the car rental certificates. Complete details will be provided at issuance.

If I have to cancel my car rental reservation, can my points be reinstated or refunded?

No. Once redeemed, points for canceled reservations cannot be reinstated to the account, but the certificate may be used for another car rental within the validity dates shown on the front of the certificate.

For merchandise redemptions, how long after I place my order should I expect to receive the shipment?

Rewards are generally sent via parcel delivery or by the U.S. Postal Service for arrival four to six weeks after the order is received. Larger items may be shipped directly from the factory and may take a few weeks longer. You will be notified if the item is to be shipped from the factory.

How long does it take to receive a Gift Card reward?

Cards are mailed through the U.S. Postal Service and will include delivery confirmation. Delivery normally takes two to four weeks from the time of order and cannot be sent to a Post Office box.

How long are Gift Card rewards valid?

As long as you use your Gift Card, it is valid. There is a $5 inactivity fee for each month there is a balance remaining on the card; however, this fee is waived for months your card is active and begins on the 13th month after 12 consecutive months of inactivity, based on the date you purchased your card.

If I lose my Gift Card can it be replaced?

If you have registered your card and your card has been lost or stolen or has been used for unauthorized transactions, immediately call 866.902.6082.

If I request to close my account and pay it off over time, will I still be able to redeem my rewards points?

No. Points must be redeemed on your Rewards account before you request closure. Unused points will be forfeited.

If my account is delinquent (more than two cycles past due), can my points be redeemed?

No. CEFCU requires that your account be current and in good standing to be able to redeem points for rewards. Once the account is made current, redemption will be allowed.

If an account has been canceled by CEFCU, and I had a points balance, can I still redeem my points?

No. Your points are forfeited at cancellation and can no longer be redeemed.

I have a joint cardholder on my credit card account, and each of us have a different card number. Can either of us enter our individual card number to redeem rewards?

Rewards are tied to the primary card number, so the primary card number would need to be used during the redemption process.

*Certain conditions, restrictions, and exclusions apply. For full details, see the Credit Card Disclosures, Guide to Benefits, or contact CEFCU.

**The 25-day grace period is only effective when previous balance is paid in full within the first 25 days of the billing cycle. Complete details are available in the CEFCU MasterCard and Rewards MasterCard Cardholder Agreement.

Contact CEFCU for additional information on any conditions, restrictions, and exclusions.

††Select transactions — like cash advances, balance transfers, and insurance charges posted to the account — are excluded from earning points. Points cannot be transferred from the CEFCU MasterCard Rewards program to the non-rewards program and must be used before the Rewards Card is closed. Rewards points earned on CEFCU MasterCard Rewards are administered by CURewards on behalf of CEFCU and are NOT: a deposit; obligations of CEFCU, the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), or any affiliated entity; insured by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund. Points earned through the CURewards Mall will be added to your total redeemable point balance and will assume the expiration period set on CEFCU's program. Points available on purchases made through the CURewards Mall will vary by merchant and can range from one to 10 bonus points, or more, per dollar. Bonus points earned on travel purchases are calculated on the cost of the purchase, minus tax. Bonus points earned through CURewards Mall are calculated on card transactions as defined by the various Mall merchant partner offers, and may exclude applicable shipping, tips and taxes. For example, if the total purchase was $100 ($80 for the item; $20 for taxes and shipping), base points would be earned on the $100, but bonus points may only be calculated on $80. Check the CURewards Mall for current bonus offers and details on earning points for both online and in-store merchant offers. For complete details, review the CEFCU MasterCard Rewards Guide or Visit