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10 Tips for Fuel Efficiency

Easy ways to improve fuel economy: change driving habits and maintain your car.

  • Maintenance
    Regular maintenance checks keep your car running efficiently. Replacing a dirty engine air filter can improve fuel economy up to 20%.
  • Minimize AC
    Air conditioning drops fuel efficiency about 5%. Use it only on the highway. Roll down the windows for city driving at lower speeds.
  • Travel Light
    An extra 100 pounds can reduce fuel economy up to 1%, especially on smaller vehicles.
  • Speed Limits
    The higher the speed, the more fuel your car consumes. Lowering your speed by 5 to 10 mph can improve your fuel economy up to 14%.
  • Fast Pass
    An electronic transponder on toll roads saves fuel by minimizing tollbooth slowdowns and stops.
  • Check Tires
    The rolling resistance of underinflated tires reduces fuel economy. They can also overheat and blow out.
  • Cruise Control
    Maintaining a steady speed saves gas. But be careful using cruise control on slippery roads; it reduces vehicle control.
  • Drive Smoothly
    Avoid rapid acceleration and hard braking, which use up to 30% more fuel on the highway and up to 40% in the city.
  • Fuel Economy
    If you notice your car needs a refill sooner than expected, it may indicate a need for car service.
  • Rush Hour
    If your employer supports "flex time" work hours, use this option to commute and run errands during off-peak traffic periods.