Online Banking


  • What is the Secure Access Code?

    The Secure Access Code (SAC) is a new security feature on CEFCU’s online banking and has been added to ensure the Credit Union is in compliance with multi-factor regulations.  SAC allows CEFCU to identify you and make sure your accounts are secure by sending a new 6-digit code to one of the contact points we have on file for you each time you attempt to access CEFCU On-Line with an unregistered browser.

    This SAC will be sent when you log in for the first time, and any other time you log in using a new browser, computer, or mobile device that you have not previously registered.

    The SAC offers another level of protection in case someone gets access to your user ID and password and tries to log in to your CEFCU On-Line accounts.  If they do not have access to obtain an SAC, they cannot access your online banking accounts.   

    When you receive your SAC, you will want to enter it quickly as it is only valid for 15 minutes.

  • Am I going to need to get a new Secure Access Code every time I log in to CEFCU On-Line?

    To ensure CEFCU is in compliance with multi-factor regulations, a Secure Access Code (SAC) is required every time you log in to CEFCU On-Line from an unregistered browser.  You can register multiple browsers by entering a new SAC for each and then selecting to register them.  It’s important to remember that if you clear cookies and cache, that will unregister your browser, and you will be required to obtain a new SAC the next time you log on.

  • Is my log-in the same for Mobile Banking and CEFCU On-Line Banking?

    No, the two systems do ask for different log-ins to access your account.  So, you will have a log-in for CEFCU On-Line Banking and another for CEFCU Mobile Banking.  These log-ins remain separate as the CEFCU On-Line Banking and CEFCU Mobile Banking are two different systems.

Important Dates for the CEFCU On-Line Upgrade: