Does it seem like you’re getting a lot more unknown phone calls or text messages lately? Learn about these three common scams so you don’t fall victim!

Never share your personal information! Hang up and block the number immediately if you suspect one of these scams.

  • Wrong number text: Someone sends you a seemingly innocent text, “Hi, wrong name, I need to change the time of our meeting tomorrow. I’m not feeling well.” You respond, “Sorry you have the wrong number… hope you feel better soon!” Now, they’ve hooked you into a conversation, and potentially into a money losing scam. It’s best to ignore text messages from numbers you do not know.
  • Impersonator: Scammers can make it look like you’re getting a call from a friend, family member, or recognized business. They fabricate a story that requires quick action to avoid a consequence. Then, tell you to send them money by way of gift cards, cryptocurrency, or mobile payment apps.
  • Vacation winner: Winning an unsolicited vacation contest sound too good to be true? It is. Here’s the catch… you have to pay some taxes or fees upfront before it can be booked for you. Then, you find out it’s all a scam — there is no vacation and now you’re out money.

Other resources:

  • Visit to register your phone and report unwanted calls.
  • Search for other common phone and text scams.
  • Go to to file a fraud complaint.