Many of us have experienced a fraudulent charge on our credit or debit card. It’s important to know your options in combating fraud during the holiday season and all year long. CEFCU can help!

CEFCU On-Line® and Mobile Banking offer members Alerts and Controls for their CEFCU Debit and Credit Cards.

  • Set up spending, location, transaction, and merchant Alerts so you know when your card has been used. You can choose if you want Alerts delivered by email or text.
  • Use Controls to restrict transactions on your Credit or Debit Card. You can specify spending limits, where your card is used, and transaction types.

Log in to CEFCU On-Line or Mobile Banking to enroll in Alerts or Controls via Card Management. With Card Management, you can also temporarily turn your card off and on, as well as report your card lost or stolen.

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And if you do discover fraud on your account, please give us a call immediately at 1.800.633.7077.