Seem like you’re getting a lot more unwanted phone calls? You probably are, so protect yourself. Don’t share personal information and hang up if you get one of these calls.

One Ring: Scammers let it ring once and hope you return the call. Don’t. Register the call on the FTC website and keep an eye on your bill to make sure there are no associated charges.

Robocalls: Some recorded calls are legal; but if you are getting calls trying to sell something, they are probably scams and illegal. Hang up and report the calls to the FTC.

Spoofing: Scammers adjust the name and number that show up on your caller ID, so it looks like you’re getting a call from a friend, yourself, or the government. Remember, government agencies won’t call, they’ll mail you.

Tech Support: Callers try to convince you there are problems with your computer. They request access to your computer and want paid in advance for their services. Don’t give them either.

Charity: An organization calls and needs money right away. Stop. Check out the charity before you give and don’t give out your account number if you didn’t originate the call.

For more information:

  • Visit to register your phone and report unwanted calls.
  • Search for robocalls, tech support, and phone scams.
  • Go to to file a fraud complaint.