Billions of dollars are lost to Medicare fraud each year. Scammers promise new equipment, extra benefits, free exams, and more; but they are just trying to get your personal information.

Legitimate Medicare plan representatives are not allowed to ask for payment, so if someone calls and claims to be from Medicare:

  • Do not provide any personal information.
  • Hang up.
  • Report the call to 1.800.MEDICARE and

 Help protect yourself with these tips.

  • Review your Medicare claims and statements.
  • Keep track of when you get health care services.
  • Save any receipts you receive.
  • Ask questions about charges and services.
  • Protect your Medicare card and only provide it when required for services.
  • Be skeptical of clinics or providers who advertise free services.

Remember, don’t share your Medicare information with anyone who requests your number or card by phone, email, or in person.

For more information:

  • Search Medicare scams on
  • Search fraud on