Kids and teens can be at risk of ID theft, too; but there’s more protection for them with a federal law that went into effect last year.

The new law allows parents and guardians to request a security — or credit — freeze on behalf of minors to help protect a child’s identity.

You can take other steps to protect your child from ID theft, too.

  • Find a safe location for records with your child’s personal information.
  • Don’t share your child’s Social Security number unless you know and trust the other party.
  • Ask why a Social Security number is necessary and how it will be protected.
  • Shred all documents with your child’s personal information before discarding.
  • Be aware of events — like a school’s data breach — that put information at risk.
  • Talk to your child about protecting personal information.

To find out more, go to and search: child identity theft or ID protection for minors