Criminals attach skimmers to machines like ATMs and gas pumps to collect your card information. Before you slide your card in the slot, check out these tips.

  • Wiggle the card slot. It shouldn’t budge or break. If it does, do not use that machine.
  • Inspect the card reader. If it doesn’t look like the colors match, choose another machine or gas pump.
  • Ask someone at the business to inspect it before you use it.
  • Get to know the card readers you use frequently so you can spot changes.

Notify the business if you see any issues with a machine. If you used your CEFCU Debit Mastercard® or Credit Card and are concerned the machine was altered, contact CEFCU immediately.

Protect Your PIN

Whether you’re at the gas station or getting cash, protect your PIN. While entering the PIN, cover the keypad with your hand or wallet. Never write your PIN on the card or keep it with your card.

New ATMs — Increased Security

During the next several months, CEFCU’s ATMs are being upgraded and will offer improved security. New horizontal card readers will help protect your account from items like skimmers, and you’ll no longer have to double insert your card to initiate a transaction.

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