Summer is a great time to touch base with your finances. From Online Budgeting Tools to multiple ways to save, CEFCU has got you covered.

  • My Use Savings Accounts. CEFCU offers a great way to save money if you have a particular goal or event in mind, such as a vacation, car, wedding, or down payment for a home. My Use Accounts have no minimum balance requirement and offer a competitive dividend rate. You can have up to 35 different accounts and name them whatever you want to save for a particular goal. With direct deposit, you can allocate money into separate accounts and then forget about it until you reach your goal. A My Use Account is also a great way to stay in budget, keeping you from spending money you hoped to save, simply by setting the money aside in a different account… out of sight, out of mind!
  • My Save Certificate®. Do you have an extra five dollars? CEFCU’s My Save Certificates are an excellent way to save for the long term. They earn the same dividend rate as CEFCU’s 12-month Certificates, yet you only need $5 to open. Then, you can continue to make deposits – in person, through CEFCU On-Line® or Mobile Banking, Direct Deposit, or payroll deduction — up to $1,000 over the 12-month period. Once you reach $1,000, you continue to earn interest until its maturity date, when it will convert into a regular 12-month Certificate. My Save Certificates are a great way to save money while avoiding the temptation to spend it.
  • Online Budgeting Tools. CEFCU On-Line has a number of ways to help keep track of your finances and budgeting. You can set up budgets online, create categories based on your lifestyle, track spending and debts, and see your assets and liabilities at a glance.

Visit for more on budgeting, saving and other financial education. Or, stop by your local Member Center to get one-on-one budgeting support from a CEFCU Representative.