‘Tis the season for shopping in stores and online. Here are some tips to keep your personal and financial information safe:

  • Treat personal information like money. Be alert to how much information is being collected about you to complete a transaction.
  • Look for web addresses that start with https:// when shopping online. The “s” indicates an added layer of security and signals communication between the website and your Internet browser are encrypted.
  • Use strong passwords on all electronic devices.
  • Set up transaction/fraud alerts on debit and credit cards. Set and enroll in alerts using CEFCU® On-Line® and Mobile Banking.
  • Check account statements and credit reports regularly.
  • Avoid allowing a website to remember account information and passwords. As convenient as it may be, it’s safer to enter these details with each transaction.
  • Limit logging into key accounts, such as financial institutions, over public Wi-Fi connections in coffee shops, shopping malls, etc.
  • Check a store’s privacy policy for what it does with your information, such as selling it to a third-party.
  • Read reviews when shopping at a new store or website. See what type of experience consumers have had.
  • Stay current with updates to your operating system, anti-virus software, and Internet browser. Outdated browsers and systems often have holes in their security that hackers can exploit.

For even more safe shopping tips, check out CEFCU Online Security and our Security Center. And, if you’re not already enrolled in CEFCU On-Line and Mobile Banking, learn more about the tools available to help you manage your accounts safely, accurately, and securely, including Debit Card Alerts and near-real time Credit Card Management tools.