Gearing up for spring and summer travel season? This can be stressful, but it doesn't have to be! Here are a few quick tips to help reduce the stress.

Provide travel plans for any cards you’ll be taking

  • Traveling with your CEFCU Credit or Debit Mastercard®? Let us know before you go. Submit travel plans using Card Management available via CEFCU On-Line and Mobile Banking. Or, give us a call at 1.800.633.7077. CEFCU uses the latest security software to monitor your activity and may decline transactions that appear suspicious, like those outside of your typical habits and locations. By providing us with your travel plans, we can better detect what transactions are legitimate — so you can enjoy your trip!

Avoid peak travel days and times

  • Travel during the week and catch an early flight. Early morning and weekday flights may be less popular, so you'll likely save on costs and avoid busy crowded check-in lines.

Consider trip cancellation insurance

  • Some things just don't go as planned, so it's nice to have a back-up. Every CEFCU Credit Mastercard comes with free Trip Cancellation Insurance.footnote 1 Just purchase your airline tickets with your CEFCU Credit Mastercard, and you're covered if you miss your flight due to an illness or other approved conflicts.footnote 1

Pack light

  • You could avoid paying a check bag fee by just bringing a carry on.  Look at your airline's website to check baggage requirements and fees.  If you have to check a bag or two, weigh and measure them ahead of time to make sure they are below the airline's restrictions or else you could be subject to excess baggage fees.

1. Certain conditions, restrictions, and exclusions apply.  Full details can be found in the Mastercard brochure you receive when you become a cardholder.

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