Phone Banking

Access accounts by phone 24/7 with CEFCU's automated
phone banking service, Touch-Tone Teller.


  • Check account balances.
  • Transfer funds.
  • Make payments.
  • Track account deposits, withdrawals, checks, and CEFCU Debit Card purchases.
  • Get rates.
  • Find Member Center hours.
  • Change the Personal Identification Number for phone banking, Debit Card, or Credit Card.
  • And more.

Contact CEFCU to sign up for phone banking. Once you receive your PIN, just call 309.633.3600 or 1.800.447.2478 to access your accounts.

Touch-Tone Teller Sample Call

See how easy it is to use Touch-Tone Teller with a sample call.

Dial 309.633.3600 or 1.800.447.2478.

Listen to the instructions and follow these steps:

  1. Enter 1 to begin the transaction.
  2. Enter 197811# for the sample account number.
  3. Enter 1234# for the sample Personal Identification Number (PIN).
  4. Select 1 for account information.
  5. Then select 2 for the menu.
  6. Select 1 for the account balance.
  7. Then select 1 for deposit accounts.
  8. Enter 11 to get a balance on a sample Savings account.
  9. Select 3 to end the call.

Remember, this is only a sample transaction. Your accounts will not be affected in any way.