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Bill Pay

  • Why doesn’t the payment debit my account immediately?

    Payment(s) scheduled through Bill Pay do not arrive at their destination immediately. Depending on the delivery type, payments are debited from the account on a “Process Date” so they may arrive on their selected Payment Date.

  • How will the payment look on my account?

    You will see a payment on your primary Checking account listed with the name of the payee.

  • Why am I receiving a “Bill Pay Error” where the payment information provided matches an existing payment?

    Any payment to the same payee of the same amount within 14 business days displays this error. Follow the instructions to allow for the duplicate payment to be processed.

  • Why are there two Bill Pay options?

    The option available under Transactions is a quick payment option that works well for payments to one or two payees at a given time.

    The option available under Services is a more advanced Bill Pay that will open a new window and allows full access to Bill Pay.

  • When will the funds debit my account?

    Bill payments will debit your primary Checking account after 3 p.m. (CT) Monday to Friday on the process date. You may cancel scheduled payments before 3 p.m. (CT) on the payment process day. You can find Payment Process Dates under the advanced Bill Pay option under Services.

  • Can I receive alerts on Bill Payments?

    Yes. Log in to your online account, select Services and Bill Pay, then select My Account. Find Bill Pay Alerts and select View Alerts. From here you can check boxes for the alerts you would like to receive. Then click Update to save.

  • What is the payment date?

    It is the date when the payment should be received by the individual or merchant you are paying.

  • What is the process date?

    The process date is the day when the payment will be debited from the account.

  • Why do my payee nicknames not appear on my account statement?

    The payee nickname was designed for quick identification inside Bill Pay. The name that appears on your official account statement is the actual payee name.

  • What is GiftPay?

    This is a secure way to send a gift or donation to a recipient of your choice. Gifts are designed for birthdays, new babies, weddings, graduations, anniversaries, or just because. The Donations option is a way to send a donation to your favorite charity or organization in honor or memory of someone special. Personalized messages can be added to either type of GiftPay.

  • What is the Calendar feature?

    This is a quick glance at any payments you have scheduled and on what day they are scheduled to be processed.

*In accordance with our online payment guarantee. You will not have to pay late fees for a properly scheduled payment. Fees may apply for Expedited Payments.

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