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  • Why am I being asked extra questions in order to make a payment?

    Some online banking activities have a certain amount of risk. For example, the ability to make payments from your accounts is a useful feature, but it could also allow a fraudster who has stolen your Login ID and password to steal money from your account. To help safeguard your account, the system will occasionally ask you to verify you are the actual accountholder before you can proceed with your transaction.

  • Is there an additional fee for this service?

    No. The eBill service is an enhancement included with CEFCU Bill Pay.

  • What do I have to do to sign up for eBills?

    To enroll in eBills,

    • Login in to CEFCU On-Line®.  Choose the Transfers & Payments tab in the Menu Bar. Then select Advanced Bill Pay Site.
    • On the right side of your screen, you will see a box labeled eBill Connect. If there is nothing listed here, there are no payees available to enroll in eBill.
    • Choose the Payee you wish to enroll. Enter your credentials, such as a User ID or Password, you normally use to access your accounts on the Payee’s website. Click Continue.  These credentials are then used to verify account ownership and will obtain the latest bill information.
    • Read the Terms and Conditions of the eBill service. If you accept the Terms and Conditions, click the check box and select Continue. You may have to wait up to 3 minutes for your account information to be retrieved.
    • If your payee’s website requires additional verification in order to login, you will be prompted to complete that verification. Select Continue.
    • If you have more than one account with the payee, select the account for which you wish to receive eBills. You can only receive eBills for one account per Payee.
    • Select the type of account in the drop-down box and click Submit.
    • Your request to enroll your eBill is complete. In most cases, your eBill will be available in two to four days. In the event your eBill cannot be added immediately, your eBill enrollment status will show Pending.
  • Once I have used eBills, can I cancel the service?

    If you do not wish to continue with the eBills service, you will need to unenroll using the following steps:

    • Click the Payees tab.
    • Click Payee Name. You will be taken to the Payee Details page.
    • In the eBill Summary section, click Unenroll eBill.
    • Click Continue to confirm the unenrollment.
    • Your payee is now unenrolled from eBills.

    If you would like to unenroll multiple payees from eBills, repeat this process for each payee. Canceling an eBill doesn't delete the payee.

  • Is it possible to see a history of the eBills I have paid?

    To view your current and past eBills, click the eBills tab, which is divided into:

    • Unpaid eBills: Current eBills and any not paid or filed through Bill Pay are displayed in this section. You can pay your bill, file it, or view additional eBill details.
    • Paid eBills: Paid or filed eBills are displayed in here. You can view up to 13 months of eBill history.
    • Payees Eligible for eBills: Payees eligible for eBills, but you have not enrolled in yet, will be displayed in this section.
  • How do I access eBills?

    To access your bills, you will need to provide credentials for each of the bills you would like to receive electronically. The credentials may include User ID, Password, and security questions you would use to access your account on the biller's website. This information is stored in a secure area and data is encrypted to ensure your privacy. Only you are able to access, view, and change key account information. To determine if your payees are eligible for eBills, click on the Payees tab. You also can view eligibility on the Payment Center.

  • Is it possible to view my eBills?

    To view your most recent unpaid eBills, click the Payment Center tab. In the Pay Multiple Bills view, click View next to the payee whose eBill you wish to view. In the Pay A Bill view, select a payee from the drop-down box, then click View. An eBill Summary window will open and display the due date, minimum amount due, and unpaid balance.

  • How do I pay eBills?

    You can pay an eBill by selecting from one of the options listed below the Summary and clicking Continue. If you have paid your eBill outside of CEFCU Bill Pay, such as with cash or check, you can File your eBill so it does not show in Bill Pay as Unpaid. To view the full details of your eBill, click View eBill Details, which will link you to the payee's Web site. You will have to log in to review your full bill details. Once you have paid or filed your eBill, you will no longer see a bill displayed in the Payment Center. To view this bill or others you have paid in previous months, go to the eBills page.