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Changing Seasons Checklist

Changing Seasons Checklist


  • Have salt pellets and/or a shovel (for colder regions) to clear paved surfaces.
  • Disconnect and store garden hoses.
  • Oil, clean, and store lawn tools.
  • Clean gutters & downspouts to prevent buildup of leaves and debris.
  • Trim weak branches close to your property or power lines to avoid damage from high winds.

Doors & Windows

  • Change screens to storm windows & doors.
  • Caulk or weather strip around drafty windows & doors. ENERGY STAR® estimates sealing doors and windows can save up to 20% on your utility bill.*

Heating System

  • Get a furnace inspection and check your furnace filter. According to Planet Green, a clean filter can save you 5—15% on your heating bill and help it run more efficiently!*
  • Consider changing your thermostat to a programmable one. You can program it to run only when you need it — increasing efficiency and decreasing utility bills.

Roof, Chimneys, & Decks

  • Look for loose or damaged roof shingles and gutters (or ask a professional to help).
  • Ask a professional to clean chimneys before your first cool weather use.
  • Seal your deck to protect it from the elements.

* [8/19]