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Home Checkup

Home Checkup

Use this checklist to make sure your home is in shape.

  • Gutters and downspouts: Make sure they are clear and draining away from your home.
  • Roof: Be sure shingles have not been damaged or are missing.
  • A/C unit: Hire a professional to service and clean the unit before summer.
  • Windows: Check them for breaks or damaged sills and be sure they still close and lock.
  • Outside faucets: Test faucets to be sure they are in good working order.
  • Outdoor lighting: Replace broken or non-working bulbs. Install new lighting while the weather's nice.
  • Landscaping: Get rid of weeds and dead plants, prune overgrowth, and prepare for planting.
  • Wood trim: Repair and paint wood trim, railings, and decks.
  • Low spots: Level or fill holes in the yard to protect your foundation from rain and damage.
  • Concrete: Fill and seal any cracks you find in walks and drives.
  • Chimney: Have a professional inspect, repair, and clean.
  • Exterior: Clean your siding. Be sure to follow directions and safety guidelines if you're power washing.

If you're thinking about a major home repair or improvement, see how a CEFCU Hybrid Home Equity Line of Credit can help you get it done.