Ever wonder where your money goes, and wish you had a better handle on it? Have savings goals, but not sure how to get started? With CEFCU’s FREE Online Budgeting Tools, you can create a budget, and track your spending so you know what’s coming in and where it’s going out.

For added convenience, Online Budgeting Tools are fully integrated into CEFCU On-Line® so they automatically update and categorize your transactions in real time. You can also:

  • Securely link accounts from other financial institutions, like loans and credit cards, so you have a complete view of your finances.
  • Add (or edit) your spending categories to fit your budget.
  • View spending details in each category, like groceries, entertainment, and more.

Online Budgeting Tools empower you to take control of your finances, so you know how your money is being spent, and where you can afford to cut back. Take control of your finances today, and start using CEFCU’s Online Budgeting Tools! Just log into CEFCU On-Line, and select the Online Budgeting Tools menu.

For more information about CEFCU’s Online Budgeting Tools, view our Online Budgeting Tools Video Library.

Not a CEFCU On-Line user? It’s easy to get started — just select the Sign Up link on the login box at cefcu.com.