Act fast if you think you provided a scammer with personal information or money.

If you used your CEFCU account number or Credit or Debit Mastercard®: Contact CEFCU immediately.

If you paid with the following, then take these steps:

  • A wire transfer through CEFCU: Call us at 309.633.3522 immediately. We will request from the financial institution where the funds were sent to return them. If the funds are still available, and the financial institution returns them, we will deposit them into your account.
  • A transfer through a company, like Western Union: Report the fraud to that company, ask that the transaction be reversed and your money refunded.
  • Gift card: Keep the gift card and receipt and contact the issuing company to see if your money can be refunded.
  • A money transfer app, like Venmo or PayPal: Report the issue to the app’s customer service department and ask if the payment can be reversed. Only contact support through the app or the website; do not use a search engine to find a customer service number because they may not be legitimate.
  • Cryptocurrency: Contact the company you used, report the fraud, and ask for the transaction to be reversed.
  • Cash: Report the fraud to the U.S. Postal Inspection Service at 877.876.2455 if you mailed it or contact the delivery service you used. Ask if the package can be intercepted.

 If you gave the following to a scammer, then take these actions:

  • Social Security number: Go to and report the incident.
  • Your account log-in information: Change your user name and password.

 If a scammer has access to your device, then take these steps.

  • Your computer or tablet: Update any system or security software. Run your security software and take any steps recommended.
  • Your smartphone: Contact your service provider and update your log-in information.

We will make every effort to alert you to anything we think may be a scam. In addition, you can use Online and Mobile Banking to keep tabs on your accounts.

If you have been scammed…

  • Search for What to do if you were scammed.
  • Go to and to report any fraud.
  • Report it to your local police department.
  • Visit our Security Center for more information on identity theft.