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Be an Owner. Enjoy Better.

$50 Million Extraordinary Dividend!

CEFCU members are owners - illustration

At CEFCU, you’re not just another number, you are part of a community — borrowers and savers helping one another achieve better. And more importantly… you’re an owner as every CEFCU member owns a part of the Credit Union. It’s this community that helps CEFCU members enjoy a better value every day — through fewer fees, great rates, and so much more.

And, when business results are better than expected, our earnings go back to the CEFCU members who made it happen… our owners — because it’s the right thing to do. That’s the Extraordinary Dividend, and while it’s not guaranteed to happen every year, this year CEFCU member/owners shared an Extraordinary Dividend of $50 million. Makes you think… when’s the last time you got money back from a bank? That’s the difference of owning.

Discover the better difference today, and switch to CEFCU.

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The Extraordinary Dividend is more than a number…

At CEFCU, you’re part of a bigger community of borrowers and savers helping each other.

“I have been with CEFCU for years and have always enjoyed the Extraordinary Dividend. It was kind of special this past Saturday morning though when my daughter, who just graduated from college in May, exclaimed ‘Dad, CEFCU just paid me!’ My response: ‘What?’ Her: ‘They just paid me an Extra Dividend!’ I am sure she enjoys it and is glad to be a CEFCU member.”

Jim, from Peoria

Member since 1989

“CEFCU has given me an extraordinary act of kindness, and I will be sharing that with other people.”

Kyle, from Campbell

Member since 2000

“I like to put some into (a charity). After all, it was a gift to me, so I like to turn around and give some back. Thank you!”

JoAnne, from Chillicothe

Member since 1991

“I’ve been with you for years, and you have helped me when I’ve been in some tough times. The Dividends you’ve been giving the end of the year is awesome. I’m just glad I chose CEFCU you guys rock — way better than any other place.”

Brett, from Peoria

Member since 2000

“I had always used banks for years; had spent a good deal of my working years actually being employed in various departments at banks! When I moved to this area, I was directed by another member that I should check out CEFCU. What a wonderful surprise it is to receive a Dividend from the Credit Union. Thank you so much!”

Valerie, from Creve Coeur

Member since 2012

“I am using my Dividend to help pay off my student loans. Then, my husband and I will work to build our dream house!”

Katie, from Streator

Member since 2006

“I had to take a double-look at my savings account, I thought I made a mistake. When I realized (what it was), it was like a gift from Santa. So thankful we picked the right financial Institution. It’s very much appreciated and needed — Thanks!”

Carol, from Farmer City

Member since 2006

“The first time I found my Extraordinary Dividend, I thought that there had been some mistake. My mom, who is also a member, told me all about it. Now whenever there is a dividend, it is like Christmas morning.”

Cheryl, from Peoria

Member since 2012

“I received more than I expected. I was (with another institution) for many years and never received anything like this. Thank you CEFCU for making my Christmas a little bit brighter.”

Brenda, from Decatur

Member since 2017

“I receive flyers constantly which try to get me to refinance my mortgage somewhere else. Why would I, when the Dividend I’ve received annually makes a mortgage payment for me! That drives my interest rate down (even lower). Thanks CEFCU!”

Ron, from East Peoria

Member since 2005

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More than Just a Number

Share what the Extraordinary Dividend* — disbursed on December 1, 2018 — meant to you!

The Extraordinary Dividend means something different to every member. It could be treating your co-workers to coffee, help with buying holiday gifts for your family, or perhaps a little extra room in your budget. We’d like to hear what it means to you and how you’re using the Dividend. Submit your Dividend story below.

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I understand that my consent is voluntary, and I accept any risk that may come from the use and public display of my story, photo and/or video, my first name, and city/state of origin.

I represent that I am the only person in the photo and/or video and authorize CEFCU to crop or treat the photo and/or video at its discretion.

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I waive my rights of privacy and publicity and any other rights that I may have relating to the use and public display of my story, photo and/or video, my first name, and city/state of origin.

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Members have shared their stories with us all year long. Check out a just a few of them on our Member Stories page.

Member Stories

*The $50 million Extraordinary Dividend was disbursed with $25 million going to borrowers and $25 million going to savers on 12/1/2018.