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FAQs & How To's

Should I get preapproved for a Vehicle Loan?

How do I make an Auto Loan Payment, and when is my first payment due?

How do I apply for a Loan at CEFCU?

What information is used to determine my Loan Rate?

Does CEFCU provide debt consolidation options/loans?

Could Refinancing My Auto Loan from another Lender and Moving it to CEFCU Save Me Money?

What Should I Do If I'm Having Difficulty Making My Loan Payments?

What information is Needed for a Domestic Bank Wire?

I Need CEFCU's Routing Number. Where Can I Find It?

What is My CEFCU Account Number and Where Can I Find It?

I Received a $10 ACH Reject Fee. What is This?

What is the Difference Between EFT and ACH Transactions?

What is ACH?

What is a Wire Transfer?

Does CEFCU Offer Foreign Currency?

Does CEFCU Offer IRAs?

Does CEFCU Offer Financial Education Materials?

Does CEFCU Offer Reality Fairs?

Does CEFCU Offer First-Time Home Buyer Programs?

How Can I Apply For A Home Loan?

What Should I Bring To My Mortgage Appointment?