Youth Accounts

Start your child out on the right financial foot with a CEFCU account to fit your child, teen, or young adult. These accounts allow parents and their kids and teens to work together to:

  • Develop healthy financial habits.
  • Try a variety of accounts.
  • Learn how to handle money.
  • Plan to save.

Like our other accounts, CEFCU Youth Accounts are all about service, better rates, and fewer fees. CEFCU members of all ages also have access to the Learning Center and the BALANCE Financial Fitness Program. These resources include online tutorials, newsletters, and counseling.

Stepping Stones

Ages 3-12

The Stepping Stone Program:

To encourage savings, kids can select a free gift from the Member Center Treasure Chest every time they make a deposit.

As an educational tool, CEFCU sponsors 5-Spot, a website designed just for kids. This site helps kids learn more about finances with games, stories, and calculators. Plus, you can download the 5-Spot newsletter (PDF, 522 KB) for more stories, games, and cartoons.


Ages 13-15

Developed for teens 13-15, the Milestone Program allows them to:

In addition, teens can use any Web-enabled cell phone to find ATMs, Member Center hours, and more at CEFCU Mobile.

As an educational tool, CEFCU sponsors AJ's, a website that offers games, stories, calculators, a glossary, and more to help teens understand money and goals. For more information, games, and cartoons, download AJ's newsletter (PDF, 452 KB).

Capstone Logo

Ages 16-17

When it comes to setting large financial goals — like saving for college — young adults can benefit from the Capstone Program.

This program allows them access to:

The Capstone Program also allows young adults to borrow smarter with a CEFCU Credit Card, Vehicle Loans, and Student Loans.

High school students can develop better money skills with the help of C-Note, an educational tool sponsored by CEFCU. They'll find a wide variety of resources — including calculators, stories, videos, games, and blogs — all to help them prepare for the future. Teens also can download the latest issue of the C-Note newsletter (PDF, 789 KB).

Stop by a Member Center or contact CEFCU to find out more.