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Thinking About a Shiny New Car?

Before you shop…

  1. Do the math.
  2. Get to know your credit score.
  3. Choose the best loan and get preapproved. Just contact Phone-A-Loan.

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If you’re buying a new car…

If you’re buying a new car…

  • Decide on a couple makes and models you’d like to see.
  • Check with your insurance agent on premiums and vehicle safety.
  • Stick to your budget during negotiations.
  • Keep a trade-in transaction separate from the purchase.
  • Make a list of any issues with the new car.
  • Check the car one more time before you take possession of it.

If you’re buying a used car…

If you’re buying a used car…

  • Have a professional check the car. If you are checking it yourself, look for:
    • Leaks and low fluid levels
    • Cracks in belts, hoses, and connections
    • Interior or exterior damage and rust (even underneath)
    • Tire wear
    • Loose parts
    • Functioning hoods, doors, seatbelts, etc.
    • Working lights and windshield wipers
    • Water damage in the trunk
    • Operational power locks and windows
    • Smoke when you start the car
    • Pulling, rattles, and squeaks
    • Good brake performance
    • Cooling/heating system that works
    • Smooth-running engine and shifting
  • Ask if the car has been in a collision. Signs of damage include:
    • Irregularities in the vehicle body
    • Mismatched colors
    • Doors that don’t close right
    • New parts underneath
    • Tires that aren’t worn evenly
    • Windshield cracks
    • Different headlights

After you buy…

Keep your car running smooth and save money.

  • Schedule regular maintenance.
  • Watch your speed to save on gas (and tickets).
  • Drive defensively to avoid accidents.
  • Get issues and strange noises checked right away.

Look into vehicle maintenance coverage.

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How do I apply for a car loan?
Find out about the loan process then apply online.

What are your interest rates on a new or used car?
Check out the Rates page for current rates on all vehicles.

Can I refinance my car loan?
Of course! Learn more about refinancing.

How do you decide who gets a loan?
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I'm buying a car from another person. What should I do?
Before you buy, contact us about the value of the car.

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