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Why Choose CEFCU?

When you’re looking for a car loan, think more than rates. We offer personal service and:

  • Terms that work for you
  • No prepayment penalties
  • Fast approval
  • Preapproval for easier car shopping
  • No hidden fees
  • Refinance options
  • Affordable payment protection

It kind of makes you think… why wouldn’t you choose CEFCU?

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Comparison Shopping

Can’t decide whether to buy a new or used car?

New Car Pros

  • Wear & tear:
    You’re the first driver, so the car is untouched.
  • Warranty:
    New cars come with bumper-to-bumper warranties.
  • Technology:
    You can link to your phone and turn on your car with an app.
  • Gas mileage:
    Improvements mean you could pay less to drive.
  • Choices:
    You choose the color, model, and features.
  • Safety:
    Back-up cameras, auto braking, crash alerts, and more make driving safer.

New Car Cons

  • Costs:
    The sticker price is higher than used, which means higher taxes, too.
  • Depreciation:
    Your car is worth less as soon as you drive off the lot.
  • Untried design or technology:
    There may be bugs in the new systems.

Used Car Pros

  • Bigger & better:
    The price is less than new, so you could afford more car.
  • Insurance:
    You’ll pay less insurance than a new car.
  • Strong Value:
    Your car doesn’t depreciate right away like a new car.

Used Car Cons

  • Maintenance:
    More use on the car may mean more problems.
  • Warranty:
    Used cars have limited or no warranties.
  • History:
    It’s hard to get complete history on a used car.
  • Limitations:
    You can’t always get your choice of color, model, and features.

Tool Box

Forms & Checklists

Get the papers you need.

Monthly Payment Calculators

Figure what your payments will be.

Online Loan Application

Use our secure online application.

Find Dealers

Find a car dealer near you.


Credit Score

Know your score and how to improve it.


Choose loan and payment protections.


See how much a car is worth.

I didn't find the information I needed…

How much is my payoff?
Find out by contacting us at 1.800.858.3400. You can also find your payoff with Online and Mobile Banking.

How do I apply for a car loan?
Find out about the loan process then apply online.

What are your interest rates on a new or used car?
Check out the Rates page for current rates on all vehicles.

Can I refinance my car loan?
Of course! Learn more about refinancing.

How do you decide who gets a loan?
Find out more about how loans are approved.

I'm buying a car from another person. What should I do?
Before you buy, contact us about the value of the car.

Direct Lending

Apply for a loan or get help from a real person.

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Have some general questions?

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