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Great Possibilities!01/29/2015

Find out how a Home Equity Credit Line can make you fall in love with your house again!

Lady with car key

Enjoy Free Checking & More!01/13/2015

Open a new qualifying CEFCU Checking account by June 30 to qualify for a $50 Gift Card. Get all the details or stop by a Member Center for more information.

Pay 2, Get 25 Bucks!

Pay 2, Get 25 Bucks!01/13/2015

Get $25 when you sign up for CEFCU Bill Pay and pay your first two bills. See all the details or stop by a Member Center for more information.

Friends enjoy banking together

Refer A Friend, Pocket $10!01/03/2015

If you are a CEFCU member in good standing, and you refer a friend between now and June 30, you could receive $10.
Get all the details
on how to pocket the money.

Lady with car key

Budget Friendly07/01/2014

CEFCU helps you get the car you want with the loan payment you can afford. Apply online, stop by any Member Center, or contact Phone-A-Loan for loan preapproval.

Big Plans

Planning Something Big?07/03/2012

For a limited time, get a great rate on a CEFCU Personal Loan to pay for your big plans or needs this summer. Contact Phone-A-Loan today!

Finance Your First Home With CEFCU!

Finance Your First Home With CEFCU!01/29/2010

Find out why CEFCU is the best choice for your first Home Loan. For a limited time, CEFCU will pay select third-party closing fees on Home Loans for first-time home buyers. Be sure to request a First-Time Home Buyer Kit for tips, tools, and information.

Online Tax Filing01/15/2015

File online with TurboTax® and receive a discount when you use the special link.

Bill Pay Enhancement12/12/2014

An enhancement, which allows you to view images of paper check payments sent through CEFCU Bill Pay, is scheduled to be available next week. When the check has cleared the payee’s financial institution, just click the link in your Bill Pay history, and you can view a check image free of charge.

Free CEFCU MasterPass11/24/2014

CEFCU® has partnered with MasterCard® to launch CEFCU MasterPass, the free digital wallet you can use to make convenient, secure payments online.

With MasterPass, you’ll safely store your CEFCU MasterCard and Debit MasterCard information (along with any other payment methods you choose). Then, checkout online at participating merchants with just a few easy clicks. View a video, read the FAQ, or get started with CEFCU MasterPass.

Charitable Contributions10/24/2014

Help lower your tax bill with charitable contributions to qualified organizations. Visit the IRS website for complete details on charitable contributions.

Membership does have privileges

Members can enjoy special values from a variety of companies.

Superior Water

CEFCU members can receive $50 off the purchase of new equipment and a free in-home water analysis. Just use the approval code provided by Superior Water Services.

Other Discounts

Visit these websites to learn how you can save.

Vehicle Discounts

Save with the following rebates:

For more information, visit the Love My Credit Union Rewards site.

Homebuyer Privileges

CEFCU members can enjoy special savings through Homebuyer Privileges.
Register online using Lender Participation Code 42QB and Homebuyer Privileges ID A0329eCEFCU.

  • Allied
  • Avis
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Bed Bath & Beyond
  • GE Store
  • Lowe's
  • 1-800-Flowers
  • Penske Truck Rental
  • PetSmart
  • Protect America, Inc.
  • Replacements, Ltd.
  • Rugs Done Right
  • Sears Commercial
  • Uboxes
  • The Warranty Group

For more information on member discounts, contact CEFCU.
To take advantage of the discounts available, join CEFCU today.

Upcoming Educational & Community Events

CEFCU sponsors events to help our member/owners & the communities where they live and work. In addition, CEFCU employees generously give their time, talents, and financial support to numerous non-profit agencies and community projects.

To view current events, please make a selection.

If you would like to request support from CEFCU for your group, organization, or event, please complete the CEFCU Contribution Request Form and mail it to CEFCU Community Relations or deliver it to your Member Center. Your request will be evaluated based on the information you provide.

Background Check02/25/2015

Don’t click links in the background check email that’s circulating. The links in these messages download malware.

Fake IRS Website02/25/2015

Scammers are using the name as part of an phishing scam to get personal information on a fake IRS website.

Cyber Attacks02/25/2015

If you have been affected by a cyber attack, check out the information from OnGuard Online.

Laptop Security02/25/2015

Check out these tips to help you protect your laptop and the valuable stuff on it.

Sweepstakes Scams02/25/2015

A Peoria resident has reported a sweepstakes scam to police. Protect yourself from bogus lotteries and sweepstakes.

Loan Phone Scam02/16/2015

CEFCU members have reported phone calls claiming to be a marketing research company hired to handle delinquent loans. Members are told to provide account information to avoid immediate repossession. These calls are not from CEFCU.

If you receive one of these phone calls, do not reveal your account information and contact CEFCU.

Obamacare Phishing01/27/2015

Scammers are referencing the Affordable Care Act in fraudulent emails. The emails link to websites that download malware or request personal information.

Child Safety Scam01/27/2015

The BBB is warning about a community safety alert that’s really a scam. Links in the email actually download malware.

Data Privacy Day01/27/2015

Celebrate Data Privacy Day by taking these steps to help protect your identity.

Weight-Loss Scams01/27/2015

Before you try any of the get-slim-quick products, see what the BBB has to say about them.

Tax ID Theft01/26/2015

Tax season is here, so find out how to protect yourself from tax identity theft.

Tax Scam01/20/2015

Peoria police are warning that scammers posing as IRS employees are telling people they will be arrested or deported if they do not pay taxes now.

CEFCU Phish01/09/2015

Members have contacted CEFCU after receiving a phishing email that noted their accounts have been locked. The email directs them to a link to unlock their account. This email is NOT from CEFCU; CEFCU’s systems were never compromised and remain safe and secure. If you received this email and responded, please contact CEFCU.

Card Deactivation11/10/2014

CEFCU members have reported receiving phone calls stating their MasterCard has been blocked. These calls are not from CEFCU. Do not follow the directions in these messages, instead follow the directions provided by the BBB.

If you receive a call asking you for your card number, expiration date, Social Security number, or any other response, end the call. Contact CEFCU immediately if you did respond to the call.