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Friends enjoy banking together

Refer A Friend, Pocket $10!07/21/2015

If you are a CEFCU member in good standing, and you refer a friend between now and December 31, you could receive $10.
Get all the details
on how to pocket the money.

Pay 2, Get 25 Bucks!

Pay 2, Get 25 Bucks!07/01/2015

Get $25 when you sign up for CEFCU Bill Pay and pay your first two bills. See all the details or stop by a Member Center for more information.

Lady with car key

Enjoy Free Checking & More!07/01/2015

Open a new qualifying CEFCU Checking account by December 31 to qualify for a $50 Gift Card. Get all the details or stop by a Member Center for more information.

Lady with car

Shiny & New04/07/2015

Save some green with a CEFCU Vehicle Loan. Apply online, stop by any Member Center, or contact Phone-A-Loan for loan preapproval.

Finance Your First Home With CEFCU!

Finance Your First Home With CEFCU!03/31/2015

For a limited time, CEFCU will pay select third-party closing fees on Home Loans for first-time home buyers. Request a First-Time Home Buyer Kit for tips, tools, and information.

Shopper holding Credit Card

First Stop Before You Shop!10/01/2014

For a limited time, open a CEFCU MasterCard® and qualify to receive a $50 CEFCU Gift Card or 5,000 Bonus Points. Get all the details today!

Big Plans

Planning Something Big?07/03/2012

For a limited time, get a great rate on a CEFCU Personal Loan to pay for your big plans or needs this summer. Contact Phone-A-Loan today!

Go Mobile & Win!09/22/2015

Download the NEW CEFCU Mobile Banking app and enroll for a chance to win!

First Stop Before You Shop!09/01/2015

For a limited time, open a new CEFCU MasterCard® Credit Card and qualify to receive a $50 CEFCU Gift Card or 5,000 Bonus Points. Get all the details today!

Help us Stop Data Breaches06/16/2015

Did you know that merchants are not held to the same federal data protection standards as financial institutions like CEFCU? What does that mean? Well, it can be easier for criminals to get your credit card information, debit pin, or other sensitive information from a merchant.

Credit unions are often limited, or even prohibited, in disclosing many of the details from a merchant derived data breach, including the merchant responsible for the situation. And, credit unions clean up the mess when a merchant data breach occurs by informing members and reissuing them new credit and debit cards if needed. In addition, credit unions pursue criminals through available legal channels on behalf of members, saving them time and legal expenses.

So, now we need your help to let Congress know that merchants should be required to safeguard your personal information and held accountable for data breaches. Help CEFCU and other credit unions tell Congress that merchants should be accountable and required to reimburse credit unions, and other financial institutions, for the costs incurred as a result of their breaches. And, let Congress know that credit unions should be able to tell their members the name of a merchant causing the data breach. Thank you, and check out the Stop the Breach website for more information.

CEFCU Member Appreciation Scholarships05/06/2015

CEFCU proudly offers CEFCU Member Appreciation Scholarships at Bradley University, Illinois State University, and Illinois Central College. Members should inquire for more information on the scholarships at the school's Financial Assistance office.

Bill Pay Enhancement12/12/2014

An enhancement, which allows you to view images of paper check payments sent through CEFCU Bill Pay, is scheduled to be available next week. When the check has cleared the payee’s financial institution, just click the link in your Bill Pay history, and you can view a check image free of charge.

Charitable Contributions10/24/2014

Help lower your tax bill with charitable contributions to qualified organizations. Visit the IRS website for complete details on charitable contributions.

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Upcoming Educational & Community Events

CEFCU sponsors events to help our member/owners & the communities where they live and work. In addition, CEFCU employees generously give their time, talents, and financial support to numerous non-profit agencies and community projects.

To view current events, please make a selection.

If you would like to request support from CEFCU for your group, organization, or event, please complete the CEFCU Contribution Request Form and mail it to CEFCU Community Relations or deliver it to your Member Center. Your request will be evaluated based on the information you provide.

"Locked" MasterCard Phishing Scam08/06/2015

Members have contacted CEFCU regarding an automated phone message they have received that states their MasterCard has been “locked.” The message instructs the cardholder to press 1 and enter the card number, expiration date, security code, and Social Security Number.

If you received this message, pressed 1, and provided any personal information, please call CEFCU's Contact Center at 1.800.633.7077 to speak with staff in the Debit Card or Credit Card Operations Departments.

As a reminder, CEFCU does not send automated messages to members when fraud is suspected with their CEFCU Debit or Credit Card or if their card has been deactivated.

Card Deactivation11/10/2014

CEFCU members have reported receiving phone calls stating their MasterCard has been blocked. These calls are not from CEFCU. Do not follow the directions in these messages, instead follow the directions provided by the BBB.

If you receive a call asking you for your card number, expiration date, Social Security number, or any other response, end the call. Contact CEFCU immediately if you did respond to the call.